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Dates of the zodiac sign Libra: September 23 – October 23

Those born between September 23 and October 23 make you a Libra by birth. Each zodiac sign is subdivided into a decan, which is a 10-day period. These Decans show different traits of the Libra zodiac sign according to the division.

1st decade (September 23 – October 3) 2nd decade (October 4 – October 13) 3rd decade (October 14 – October 23)
planet Venus Saturn Mercury
Features Artistic, Charming, Romantic, Imaginative, Logical, Ambitious Friendly, Social, Optimistic, Balanced, Practical, Creative Excellent conversationalists, Energetic, Quick-witted, Intelligent, Innovative, Curious

Libra Symbol: Libra

Libra zodiac sign – Libra. Libra is the only zodiac constellation in the sky represented by an inanimate object. Libra is associated with the Titanium Goddess of Divine Law and Order. The symbol suits Libra, who is obsessed with symmetry and seeks to create balance in all areas of life. He is in full relationship with Libra, which also symbolizes justice.

Libra’s ruling planet: Venus

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and femininity. People dominated by the planet Venus have a very harmonious nature and strive for happiness and fellowship. They are attractive, charming and love the finer things in life. music and fun. As such, Libras tend to have a balanced approach to life along with excellent tastes.

  • Key features: idealist, mercy, impartiality, aesthetics, diplomacy
  • Element:  Air
  • Quality:  Cardinal
  • Day:  Friday
  • Ruler:  Venus
  • Best Compatibility:  Aries,  Sagittarius.
  • Deepest Desire:  Justice, Clarity and Balance
  • Notable qualities: flexible, harmonious, inventive, entertaining, pragmatic, sociable, intelligent, courageous
  • Life motto: Balance
  • Strengths: cooperation, diplomacy, courtesy, justice, sociability.
  • Weaknesses:  indecisive, avoids confrontation, holds a grudge, feels sorry for himself
  • Libra loves:  Harmony, tenderness, communication with others, nature.
  • Libra does not like: violence, injustice, shouting, conformity.
Good Luck Talismans Libra
Lucky Colors: pink and blue
Lucky Stone: Opal, peridot, sapphire
Lucky numbers: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24.
Lucky metal: Silver, Copper

If you were born under the Libra zodiac sign, you are known to be peaceful, quick-witted, intellectual, and fair. They strive for perfection, just like Virgos, with their love of balance and stability. And this is with complete intolerance for chaos and disorder! Ruled by the cupid planet Venus, Libra, like magpies, is always looking for expensive and beautiful things. These are the aesthetes of the Zodiac who adore art, intellectualism and knowledge.

Justice for everyone! Libra tends to float smoothly. They are born peacemakers and masters of tact and diplomacy. Kings and queens of compromise can build bridges as diplomats. Accuracy and selectivity in vocabulary allows them to find common ground for peaceful solutions.

Gossips, they’re up to date with the city’s latest news! Great keepers of secrets, these people are trustworthy and wise, so you’ll be lucky if you make friends with a Libra. A person with the zodiac sign Libra hates isolation! They love being around people, and if that’s ideally someone they love, then you can probably expect a masterpiece! Flattery and good conversation are undoubtedly the key to a Libra’s heart! They love to be loved, to be in love, and loving others is oxygen for them! If you need harmony in your life, Libra can certainly give it to you!

People born under the sign of Libra are peaceful, fair and hate loneliness. Partnership is very important to them, they are looking for someone who can be a mirror for themselves. These individuals are fascinated by balance and symmetry, they are in constant pursuit of justice and equality, realizing through life that the only thing that should be truly important for themselves is their own inner core of personality. This is someone who is willing to do almost anything to avoid conflict while keeping the peace whenever possible.

Libra is an  Air sign located between  Gemini and Aquarius , giving these people constant mental stimulation, a strong intellect and a sharp mind. They will be inspired by good books, compelling discussions, and people who have something to say. Each Libra has to be careful in dealing with other people, because when they are forced to decide something that awaits them, or choose a side, they suddenly realize that they may be in the wrong place and in the wrong environment. No partner should make them forget that they have their own opinion.

The planet ruling Libra is  Venus , which makes these people great lovers as well as lovers of expensive material things. Their life should be enriched with music, art and beautiful places that they can visit.

Libra is the measure of our souls The shortest myth of them all seems to be a good analogy for the shortest constellation in the sky, one could even say that it is non-existent, represented by the pliers of Scorpio. Libra is one point of balance in a sea of ​​extremes, manifesting itself only through the fifteenth degree of this majestic sign, an object among animals and people. There’s something terribly insecure about Libra, like they’re not sure which plate to load next, knowing that everything passes and teaches us to be careful with other people. Whatever we do in our lives, it only serves to show our Souls the way to this “higher power” in order to finally measure our existence. By telling us where we went wrong or what we did right, Libra unconsciously teaches us that true liberation lies in ease.

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Libra love and sex

Finding a compatible partner will be a top priority in the lives of people born with the Sun in Libra. As soon as they start a romantic relationship, maintaining peace and harmony becomes the most important and their main task. Their charming personality and their devotion to every relationship makes  their compatibility with others  satisfying, but the fallen Sun they have to heal often creates problems in their emotional world.

Libra is the sign of marriage, opening the traditional paths of love to its representatives. Even though the element of Air gives them great flexibility, they will still feel a strong pull towards tradition and their desires will eventually turn into love put on paper, well organized and serving the purpose of creating a certain image for the outside world. . In a way, every Libra is looking for a partner who is able to set clear boundaries, as if expecting them to protect them without compromising their pride.

This is a sign deeply connected to sexuality, for Scorpio rises where it ends. They are looking for deep, meaningful relationships, and although they have no problem relating to people they are not really intimate with, the only true fulfillment in their personal lives comes from total surrender of body and soul. The gravity of Libra is to share your whole life with someone, with the challenge of being independent and at the same time being aware of your core personality.

Libra friends and family

Libra representatives are very sociable and put their friends at the center of attention, but sometimes they raise their expectations too high and choose friendships that make them feel superior to the person in front of them. Their nature makes them indecisive, so they may show a lack. However, it doesn’t make them less interested in their relationship when someone else takes over and shows interest in them. Tactful and calm, they can communicate through any problem if they choose, and often help others understand the other side of their personal conflicts and problems with other people.

Family  . Born into a family that gave them a certain weakness for the Sun, Libras can often shift the blame between family members without even knowing it. In a constant search for harmony, these people tend to agree with their parents and siblings only to avoid conflict by being the ones who back off when trouble comes their way. They need to cultivate their personality, and often turn to seclusion only to find their own point of view among many. If they are well built and work on their inner sense of strength, it is easy for them to be good parents and role models, ready to share everything they know with their children.

Libra career and money

For every Libra, the key to a happy life is in perfect balance, which means they won’t take on a job without making enough time for their personal lives and their loved ones, and if they do, they feel like they need to make time. free from it. They can be beloved leaders, even if they sometimes lack the initiative needed to organize the people who work for them and will work hard to earn the privileges that come their way. In search of truth and justice, they are good  lawyers and judges, and can also be successful diplomats, designers and composers if they cultivate their artistic side from childhood. They will work well in a group and can be persuasive and gifted speakers.

The financial aspect of their lives is often in control, which they probably wouldn’t be if it were easier for them to decide what they want to buy. Once they begin to doubt their financial choices, chances are they won’t spend money at all simply because they had a hard time making any decision. They balance saving and spending quite well, and although they enjoy fashion and beautiful clothes, they rarely let their desire to spend the best of them.

How to Attract a Libra Man

Libra men appreciate everything beautiful and are looking for a partner who would inspire them with their appearance. It may seem superficial, but in fact, they need mental and visual stimuli to make their decision-making process easier and push them into a serious relationship. Once they’ve decided to be with someone, they usually form serious, long-term bonds, making it through difficult times with ease, knowing that they’ve already made the perfect choice from the start. The Libra man wants to discuss everything with his partner, from everyday affairs to big shared life endeavors.

This is a man who is looking for a partner with willpower and confidence, someone who will show the way when he feels lost or insecure. Once he finds the right person, he will do everything to make him happy, turning his attention exclusively to his partner and often forgetting about himself in the process. This man is deeply romantic at its core and is looking for true love that will last him a lifetime.

How to Attract a Libra Woman

To seduce a Libra woman, you need to be a good conversationalist and listener. She enjoys being taught new things and loves to talk about herself and her personal interests just as much as she enjoys immersing herself in her partner’s life. She is charming, intelligent, and finds solutions to problems along the way with a certain ease. Her partner must first maintain her interest and keep her on her toes, making her doubt her own initiative and choice, and also quite straightforward and unexpected.

Ruled by Venus, the  Libra woman  is naturally prone to certain mood swings, but that doesn’t make her any less fair. Once she falls in love and shares a house with a partner, she will take care of them, make them look good, and keep their social life organized and well adjusted to the social norms in which they live.

Libra Compatibility

  • Incompatible couples:  Cancer, Capricorn
  • Neutral Correspondences:  Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Libra is ruled by Air, so the safest bet for a harmonious relationship is with other Air signs Gemini and Aquarius. However, the fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius harmonize well with the logical thinking of Libra. Compatibility with the Cancer water sign can backfire as the Crab craves emotional connection and Libra craves mental stimulation. Similarly, Capricorn’s focused nature may not adjust to Libra’s outgoing nature. Also, Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces, Libra may have to pull the wire for things to materialize. Learn more about Libra compatibility »

Compatible signs that Libra should consider:  Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

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Libra Tarot Card: Justice

Libra holds a powerful Justice Tarot card. A lady with a sword in one hand and Libra in the other demonstrates the rightness and wrongness of life in search of the final balance. The card perfectly matches the observant and harmonious nature of Libra. It also points to the Law of Karma and warns a person to be careful in his deeds and actions! She embodies the truth, morality and rights that we humans tolerate!

Lucky Libra Gem

Libra, break your indecisive nature with the added benefit of the auspicious gemstone Amethyst. Powerful and protective, Lucky Amethyst helps you get rewarded for your hard work. By helping you overcome your weaknesses, the lucky Libra gemstone proves beneficial due to its unique healing energy.

Opal is also the birthstone of Libra and is believed to conduct the energies of its ruling planet Venus. It is a mystical gem that absorbs the pessimism of Libra natives. This helps them stimulate growth for great results. Opal is not only a traditional stone that indicates Libra, but also a pledge of friendship! In addition to opal, peridot, tourmaline, agate, sapphire, and aquamarine, gemstones help elevate Libra’s personality.

Libra Ruling House: Seventh

The seventh house is the ruler of the house of Libra. It is associated with the lower part of the body such as the kidneys and adrenal glands. Venus, being the ruler of the house, astrology invites the Venusian nature to the meaning of the seventh house. The house represents relationships, as its balanced relationship energy is the same as how Libra forms partnerships. Learn more about the Seventh House »

Libra Element: Air

Air is the primordial element that governs Libra. Mutual understanding of Libra, maintaining social ties and exploring the world with poise and charm, is akin to the active element of Air. Scales rush through life, barely taking a breath! Live and let live mentality is the goal of the Air sign, which is considered the doer and thinker of the zodiac along with the Air signs Gemini and Aquarius.

Libra Quality: Cardinal

Libra, the third of the four cardinal signs, contains the elemental initiatory energy that marks the beginning of the four seasons. The beginning of Autumn signifies Libra’s empathy for leadership in diplomatic and social justice. They are distinguished by dynamism and purposefulness.


Soft and airy shades of pink and blue are colors that complement the Libra zodiac sign. They make the image of Libra more charming and pretty. Pink evokes the sweetness and love that Libra naturally absorbs, while the subtle and fresh blue enhances clarity and balance in the natives.