Aries Horoscope – Zodiac-Signs


Aries Horoscope
Date range: March 21 – April 19
Day: Tuesday
Color: Red
Element: Fire
Most compatible with: Sagittarius and Leo

Strength and Weakness

Strengths – Aries has a big courage and this is considered as their biggest strength. No matter what happens to their life, any barrier won’t be a big deal for them because they have no fear to face the challenges. The positive characteristics that become their strength are their fortitude, enthusiasm, optimism, generosity, and independence.

Weaknesses – The stubbornness is a weakness that Aries-born people have along with their inflexibility. They are inflexible when others give suggestions to them. It is difficult for Aries to accept what others’ opinions and thoughts because they consider that what they think is the right one. When it comes to criticism and obstacles, they may not have any fear but they have short temper that will make them feel down easily sometimes.

Aries Relationship with People

As a friend, Aries has a wide connection because they do have many friends and it is not that difficult to adapt with varied people who have different characteristics with various natures. Aries people can even get along with the ones with opposite personalities to them. When Aries has a strong bond with their friends, the friends can rely on them no matter what.

As parents, Aries will be a father that has a dominant quality; Aries will definitely give their children support and allowance to improve their talents even if they might appear a bit strict. Aries is a perfectionist so there is nothing wrong to have a high expectation for their children to have a good career without having to limit and decide for them. Although Aries will make their children to study, they won’t prohibit them to play. Since Aries fathers are broad-minded, so their children will be treated just like how they treat their friends.

While for the Aries mothers, they would like to protect their children even though they may seem dominant. The children with Aries mothers will really be spoon-fed, but they may also experience how strict the mothers when they do not do well in their objectives and aims in life. Still, as parents, Aries may be strict but they will feel happy when seeing their kids find their own happiness.

As children, Aries has so much love and respect to their parents; they might rebel and be wild sometimes but it will rarely be found out. No matter how disapproval the parents about their choice, Aries children will stick to what they have chosen until the end. It is good to know that they are also loving and caring towards their parents. When expressing their feelings to their parents, they may use a honest and direct approach instead; they are warm-hearted even if they may not be too often staying in touch with their family as they have strong ambition and high independence.

Aries Sex and Love

Aries Career

Since Aries-born people are creative and ambitious, they will always succeed in everything they do. They will quickly find a solution to face any situation or challenge that they face. The best careers that have a bright future for Aries will include owners of a company, conductors, managers, dealers, or sales agents. When it comes to money, they can wisely save their money and won’t spend them without thinking twice.

Positive Qualities


Being passionate is a good thing and Aries will have it either when doing their works or being in a relationship.


Aries will always have positive energy that can be spread around and this is one of the reasons why they can have many friends.


They have no fear no matter what challenges in front of them and they know well how to get tough.

Negative Qualities


Aries indeed have bright and much energy so they will be active and enthusiastic, but their enthusiasm and energy need to be harnessed. To succeed, their energies are better to be disciplined.


It might be the most difficult thing to deal with Aries because they are stubborn and they will insist their opinions.


Due to their stubbornness, they always think that what they do and think is the right one. They may not be sensitive enough to know about other people’s emotions; this is the one leading them to be arrogant.

How to Make Aries Women Attracted to You

Appealing to their independent nature is the first thing that you should do because they are leader-born, fearless, active, charismatic and energetic. Never try overrunning them because they will not allow you to do it to them. Gather your courage to take action but it is safer if you let them to take the initiative to come to you. When they already fall for you, they are loyal and often jealous.

How to Make Aries Men Attracted to You

Aries men have their own rules because they have independence, so play carefully and smartly based on their rules. Playing hard to get is the best way because they will be attracted to you for sure as they love something challenging. However, make sure you let them know that you cannot be dominated by them. When they fall for you and start a relationship, they will be exciting and fun even if they are a bit self-centered.