Aries or Mesha  (March 21 – April 20)


March 21 to April 20:  MESHA

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In Hindu philosophy, “Mescha” is fire. He puts passion in everything he does and has an exaggerated sense of responsibility, which impels him to be overbearing with those around him. For him, the middle term does not exist. In India, these natives are considered to aspire to protect others and, as they overrun, they become suffocating. Their inner fire never goes out, they are illuminated by enthusiasm, dedication and vitality.

Being the first sign of the Rashichakra, Mesha ( Aries ) represents the raw energy of life itself, which is the first step in being part of the universe.
Mesha Jatakas ( people born under aries ) are doers. Impulsive, spontaneous and headstrong, often self-centered, Mesha ( Aries ) is always, fearless and brave almost to a point of foolishness, but he never carries malice. Born leaders, Mesha ( Aries ) make their actions and presence felt. They want what they want and when they want life on their terms and don not compromise on it.

In Hindu culture, “Mescha” is the fire par excellence. Maybe he does not know how to ask, but his sincerity is very valuable. Passionate, dominant, can become arrogant. He is always a boy and a man at the same time, dissatisfied with his present. In India they affirm that these natives aspire to protect and do things for others and by overdoing, they appropriate so much of what is foreign that they choke the one they crave to save. This is the case, because they do not know how to travel through the medium that coexistence and diplomacy demand from daily life.

You are a very sentimental person, full of emotions and with lots of love to give, but also a lot of love to receive. It costs a bit of work to find a good partner, you should not fear anything, you will find it and it will fill you with love and happiness.

Mars, the God of war, is not only about fighting but also about going, going anywhere. He may fight with anyone who is an obstacle in his path. Mars is like the Engine of his body. It denotes the way he progress in life. Mars gives clues about the ways in which we First House: Self The First House symbolizes our physical appearance to the world. It’s not essentially who we are it’s what we bring to a situation and how we are perceived by others. It not only connotes our childhood but also the commencement of any activity or even the beginning of a new relationship.

Mesha jatak are generally identified by their headstrong nature. Leadership is a common quality of Arians. Courage reflects from the action, in the people born in Aries. He will be pushed into a novel region due to his desire for excitement. His confidence makes people follow him. He fights for anything which he believes to be important. He remains committed to face fears and defeats. Difficulties may creep him into impulsive actions. He could suffer due to false commencement. Arians are very good at starting things that he starts working on his next project even before completing the previous one.

Sometimes, for you, the sexual aspect is very important, but it should not be too hasty, it can denote a personality that does not really possess. Control your impulses a little, instinct can never dominate reason.

Aries Element: Fire A fire gives heat and also light. One candle can lighten up a room and it won’t burn faster even if ten people read from its light. Fire never plans its next move. Fire burns the available fuel without judgment. Due to this reason fire signs can depend on their intuition and survival instincts. Aries strength Your strong belief that courage is mastery of fear, is your strength. Your ability to overcome fear is your biggest strength. Aries weakness Your weakness is that you cannot accomplish the tasks you begin.

When a Mesha ( Aries ) sets out to accomplish something, he will literally `ram? his way to success. Mesha ( Aries ) individuals react in a physical way to everything. Their impulsiveness is seen when they dash off to achieve before they take time to reason things out intellectually. They harbour emotional and passionate nature. This trait inspires and flatters others, but it is their impatience and rash behaviour, which put one off. However their frustration and anger are also quickly forgotten. Often their unbridled enthusiasm backfires and they lose interest just as quickly as they gained it.

Active, fiery, high-spirited, energetic, athletic, charismatic, courageous, optimistic, and friendly, Aries are lively participants in the everyday bustle of life. Often where others tread softly, it is usually the energetic Mesha ( Aries ) who is willing to start difficult projects. However, it is also the Mesha ( Aries ) who often fails to finish things when details demand too much of attention or they simply lose interest. They have a tendency to allow their enthusiasm to exceed their actual ability. Before taking something apart, they don’t stop to wonder if they can put it back together. In spite of the physical energy associated with Mesha ( Aries ), they are not above using the inability of others to keep up with them as an excuse for their own idleness. If they expect others to provide them with constant stimulation and are unwilling to find their own diversions, they become lazy.

Mesha Jatakas ( people born under aries ) never shy away from testing new grounds. Their approach may be construed at times as arrogant and domineering; it does take a lot of focus to be a leader. Incurably romantics at heart, they will profess undying love for their beloved – a promise they are most likely to keep. Ideal life partners are most likely to be other Mesha ( Aries ), Simha ( Leo ), Dhanu ( Aquarius ), or Vrishchika ( Scorpio ). They do make caring partners, although at times you might expect too much from your spouse, this will be more so in the case of men than the Mesha ( Aries ) women who will settle down to their partners’ habits more easily, and as for the Mesha ( Aries ) men they don’t like waiting for things.

Do not confront your family, you should try that there is great harmony between them, since this always brings some benefit to at least one spiritual good. Continue to control your economies, you should not waste, what you waste today, you may need tomorrow. Your health is good but do not abuse it, this can bring you unpleasant results.


Aries have one of the best and one of the worst career. Aries are born heroes and make excellent rescue workers, military officers or police officers, risk-takers, leaders and put words into action. The worst careers for Arians are regular ones like truck drivers and farmers and one more thing 9 to 5 jobs is not aries. Aries are good pilots, doctors, soldiers, athletes, explorer, etc.

Health is one of the most important part of life, Aries remains good but the most affected area of Aries is the head. So the head complaints like inflammation of the cerebral hemispheres, brain fecer, nosebleed and many more desises related to Head.

Aries friends is warm and on the level. You also expect complete devotion in your friendships and in return extend a loving and strong hand. As a mother, an Aries may fight tooth and nail for her children’s rights. She will be ambitious for her children. Take care not to frighten your children into taking subjects that interest you and not them. As a father, an Arian may insist his son to take up sports and outdoor activities, however if he finds that his son is the shy and timid type, he may disapprove it. Be wise dear Aries to allow your children to take up their own choices.

Traditional Birth Stone – Sapphire
Modern Birth Stone – Diamond

Late March born aries have these birthstone 
Traditional Birth Stone – Jasper
Modern Birth Stone – Bloodstone or Aquamarine