Aries and Aries Compatibility


Aries controls the elements of fire, and therefore the representatives of this sign of the zodiac possess endless energy, are in perpetual motion, forgetting about rest. Militant Mars, being the patron of the first sign of the zodiac, endows him with vitality, purposefulness and the ability to pass through any obstacles. The combat readiness is in his blood, and there is practically no sense of fear. He does not tend to retreat and leave problems. The risk, insolence and uncommonness are the bright features of his nature. Honesty and the desire to be oneself are often perceived by others for their tactlessness or rudeness, although Aries never had cruelty.

The meeting of two Arieses can have different consequences: on the one hand, a couple that can get along with each other can achieve anything, using the power of doubled strength, energy and a living mind. On the other hand, if they fail to agree, it will be a battle for leadership not for life, but for death. Astrologers believe that this depends on the date of birth of each of them. For example, if both are born in March, then they are unlikely to get along or their coexistence will resemble military actions. While the April representatives of the fire element are ideal for compatibility and will easily find common ground.

Aries and Aries Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Aries and Aries

People of this sign have an explosive temperament: often they first do, and then they already think. Compatibility of Aries with Aries is quite successful, but only if both partners sincerely want to be together and work on themselves and their relationships. The similarity of characters, outlook and interests creates a fertile ground for the development of a successful union. Such people find it difficult to meet each other for the reason that both do not stand still and always run somewhere. But even if they meet, then the law “like to like” comes into force from the first second.

According to the horoscope of Aries compatibility with Aries the ideal pair will be one where one partner has a lower level of claims compared to the other. In the best way, they understand each other, interacting in the material sphere, because they love money very much. Mutual desire for comfort and a good life can contribute to the formation of a strong alliance. General classes in the absence of competition have a beneficial effect on their relationship.

Aries and Aries Business Compatibility

Representatives of the first sign of the zodiac can earn money, have superhuman performance and endurance, hate laziness and profanity. Therefore, the compatibility of Aries and Aries in the work can be very beneficial and give good results: the business union will bring mutual benefit. Their energy and creativity, channeled in one direction, can turn mountains, as they do not back out where others give up. In the event that competition arises between Aries, the business partnership is likely to disintegrate. Another pitfall of such an alliance is their lack of diplomacy and foresight, which is often the reason for the failure of the joint project.

Aries’ compatibility with Aries in friendship is ideal. The friendly relations between the representatives of this sign are based on the similarity of interests and views and become stronger only with the years. Aries are never bored with each other, openness, honesty and lack of mutual commitments reduce the likelihood of conflict situations. Therefore, the friendship between them is more positive than love relations, and can last until the end of life. Opponents of gossip and omissions, they build their relations on honesty and mutual trust. A possible reason for the termination of friendship may be the active desire of one of them to take the dominant position.

Aries and Aries Love Compatibility

In a romantic relationship, representatives of this sign behave passionately and persistently. Aries with Aries compatibility in love is at an average level. They quickly fall in love with each other, the novel develops very roughly, but after a short time friction and misunderstanding begin. Both Aries are very demanding and emotional, and if one of them does not give in, then such a pair is doomed to parting. Representatives of this sign are extremely freedom-loving and at the same time are owners. Such a contradiction between the two partners often creates tension between them.

Aries with Aries compatibility in the relationship will be successful if the woman gives the man the right of primacy and decision-making. And still between the born stubborn people with enviable constancy there will be loud quarrels, followed necessarily by no less expressive reconciliation. Their relationship resembles a volcano in which passions are seething: they quickly get up and also cool down quickly, without holding evil against a partner. Maybe it’s for the better, because to live in dullness and dull idyll, energetic Aries would not have been able to.

Aries and Aries Sexual Compatibility

Sexual life for Aries does not come first, because they always have more important lessons. And it’s not a matter of mutual indifference, but of the fact that under conditions of high social activity, there is practically no time for sex. However, this does not mean that they do not have an intimacy, and does not prevent them from being good lovers for each other. The ability to feel a partner and satisfy his needs speaks of the high compatibility of Aries and Aries in bed. The passion and openness of their natures provides them with an interesting and versatile intimate life.

The similarity of temperaments makes this side of life almost ideal. Difficulties can arise if one of the partners starts pulling the blanket over, which in principle happens to representatives of other signs of the zodiac. The Aries man needs praise from the partner and recognition of his masculine abilities. And if a woman shows wisdom in this matter and accepts submission as an element of the game, she will be fully thanked in sexual equivalent. Compromise stubborn people can also find by agreeing on alternate leadership in bed.

Aries and Aries Family Compatibility

In the family life Aries appreciate honesty and openness, which allows them to pronounce mutual claims and jointly seek their solution. Resourcefulness and the ability to forgive have a beneficial effect on relationships. The birth of the offspring and the further care for it are additional factors for closer cohesion of wayward spouses. Despite the good compatibility of Aries with Aries in marriage, peace and peace in their relations only dreams. The mismatch of plans or views on the upbringing of children will turn into noisy scandals. By the way, close relatives are clearly not happy with their union, because they often witness friction between them. And at the same time they are envious: the passions that burn between them are sometimes brighter than in the most exciting series about love.

The good news is that over time people get to know each other better, mutual respect is born, they learn to seek compromise solutions, and the opposition of claims is weakening. Everything has its pros and cons. And if we consider their marriage through this prism, the compatibility of Aries with Aries in family life is more positive than negative. Even explosive characters and stormy bursts of emotion play a positive role, not allowing partners to die of boredom and monotonous life. Relationships always develop through conflict, and representatives of the fiery elements know this better than anyone.