Aqueduct – Meaning of Dream


In your dream that you take part in building of aqueduct, it means that subconsciously you desire for impetuous actions, which soon will be successfully managed. You don’t like stagnation and you want to move forward. You will reach your goal because of your persistence, after all people will start respecting you even more.

If you approach an aqueduct and see a lot of police cars next to it, this means that you are too prudent in your life. You think that it will help you in life, sometimes it is really true. But sometimes you need to make more efforts in order to be on top.

In a dream you were investigating an aqueduct from inside – in your affairs you are advised to overtake more analyses. Don’t rush and try to think through all details in your business. Perhaps something stays as an obstacle on your way, and you don’t even notice it.

In case you want to pass aqueduct but it’s broken and you don’t have a chance to reach your work place, it means that soon you will be worried too much about your future. Your worries might be groundless, but if you know some secret information which other people don’t know, it is better to act fast in order to prevent yourself and other people from danger.

In a dream somebody tries to destroy your house and build an aqueduct on its place, it means that in real life you will resist a strong competitor.



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