Aquarius Horoscope – Zodiac Sign

Dates of the zodiac sign Aquarius: (January 20 – February 18)

The Sun passes through part of the Aquarius zodiac sign from January 20 to February 18, which is a typical Aquarius birth date range. The sign of the zodiac is divided into three decans according to dates. Each dean has a 10-day period that determines the main features of a person.

1st decade (January 20-31) 2nd decade (February 1-9) 3rd decade (February 10-18)
planet Uranus Mercury Venus
Features Clarity, Purposefulness, Ambition, Perseverance, Imagination, Vitality, Compassion Good interactive skills, enjoyable, enthusiastic, spontaneous Romantic, Sentimental, Artistic, Calm, Understanding, Positive outlook, Interactive

Aquarius symbol

The symbol of Aquarius is Aquarius. Aquarius is a mystical celestial humanist who bestows water or life on the earth. The carrier person represents the Aquarius zodiac sign, and the water itself is the Life that Aquarius brings to others. The symbol reflects Aquarius’ tendency to focus on humanity and pour out their lofty visions of a more beautiful and brighter future for humanity.

Aquarius’ ruling planet: Uranus/Saturn

The solar sign of Aquarius is dominated by the ruling planets Uranus and Saturn. Uranus perfectly reflects the revolutionary vision of Aquarius, his desire for change and visualization of new opportunities. Similarly, Saturn symbolizes limitation, contraction and the essence of life. This includes discipline, punctuality and environmental conservation. These qualities are combined with Aquarius’ future-oriented ideas of originality and freedom from traditional thinking.

  • Element:  Air
  • Color:  light blue, silver
  • Quality:  fixed
  • Day:  Saturday
  • Ruler:  Uranus,  Saturn
  • Best Compatibility:  Leo,  Sagittarius.
  • Key Traits:  humanitarian, assertive, original, resourceful, kind, witty
  • Deepest desire:  to stand out from the crowd
  • Notable qualities: visionary, stable, determined, unpredictable, fearless, born leader, innovator, optimist
  • Life Motto:  Live life to the fullest!
Aquarius Talismans
Lucky Colors: Yellow, Red, Purple, Aquamarine
Lucky Stone: Garnet, turquoise, moss agate, opal, jasper
Lucky numbers: 3, 9, 2
Lucky metal: Iron, lead, uranium

Aquarius is an interesting sign on the zodiac wheel, a prime example of tradition and innovation. These intellectuals have an innate ability to foresee the future. Aquarius easily directs the information that exists on the air and brings it to life. Charitable activities reveal their inner desire to make the world a better place to live! They constantly strive for activism and social justice in order to create an idealized version of society and the world.

Confident optimists and the best listeners! If you ever need to speak up, reach out to an Aquarius as they always listen to everyone! Keep it simple and avoid worries and stress – this is the main life formula that helps these people maintain mental focus and ease of communication! However, restricting their freedom can cause them to run back and forth like a wild horse, turning into an icy or aloof atmosphere!

Rebels of the Aquarius zodiac circle despise authority and everything that represents conventionality. The world is their oyster and they prefer to do their best to improve and help others in it. Ruled more by the head than by the heart, Aquarius is always full of great revolutionary ideas and visionary plans, inspiring people to raise the bar in their daily lives!

Aquarius traits

  • Strengths:  Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian
  • Weaknesses: Runs away from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof.
  • Aquarius likes: fun with friends, risky business, fighting for a just cause, intellectual conversations.
  • Aquarius Dislikes: Restrictions, broken promises, loneliness, boring or boring situations.

Aquarius is a different sign from the rest of the zodiac, and people born with the Sun in it feel special. This makes them eccentric and energetic in the fight for freedom, and sometimes shy and quiet, afraid to express their true personality. In both cases, these are deep thinkers and highly intelligent people who love to fight for idealistic goals. They know how to look at people without prejudice and this makes them truly special. Although they can easily adjust to the energy that surrounds them, Aquarians have a deep need to spend some time alone and away from everything in order to recuperate.

The sign of Aquarius belongs to the element of Air, completing the story of  Gemini  and  Libra and connecting them in some way through the opposition of freedom and relationships.

They will rely on their mind and spoken words most of the time, and without mental stimulation can lose interest even in things that initially made them heart beat faster. They see the world as a place full of possibilities and they need to be spontaneous, follow the moment and live to the fullest, trying not to waste time.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, standing shoulder to shoulder with its traditional ruler, Saturn. Although Uranus has a blunt, timid, and sometimes aggressive nature, their other ruler often brings them down to earth enough and helps them find enough distance from other people to remain somewhat indifferent. A visionary and a person ready for change, Aquarius is a renowned thinker and someone who will shake your world as soon as they are in it. They feel best as part of a particular community, but may have difficulty finding exactly where they think they belong.

Aquarius – a handsome protege  Although Ganymede may look thin and weak, this does not make the character of these people less strong than it really is. They always have someone to lift them up, someone to show them the way to heaven and the enlightenment they long for. Belonging to those in power, their problems with power usually come from relationships with other people, and not from the leadership structure itself. To find the center, they must be willing to dig deep.

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Aquarius love and sex

Intellectual stimulation is certainly the strongest aphrodisiac for Aquarius. Nothing can attract them more than an interesting conversation with a person. Openness, sociability, imagination and willingness to take risks are qualities that fit well into the emotional world of this zodiac sign. Their  compatibility with other signs can be tricky as they represent opposition itself and have trouble relating to others if their sense of freedom is in any way endangered or they believe they are.

Integrity and honesty are essential for anyone who wants to stay in their lives, and feelings won’t have much to do with how they feel about betrayal and those who let them down along the way. They will grant independence to their partner, considering him as equal and as powerful as they are. Although they can get all the freedom they want, they may have problems in everyday communication even with those they love deeply.

Aquarius friends and family

Friends: Regardless of their ability to communicate, Aquarius representatives need time to bond with a friend, and they will unconsciously do a lot just to not be emotional and vulnerable around others. They are ready to sacrifice themselves, but only in case of emergency, and by the time they rush to help, the person in trouble will probably realize that he never needed help to begin with. They need creative friends with honesty and strong intellect.

Family: These people have certain expectations from their family. Even if they don’t have the place to look for the answers their parents should be looking for, they will still do it, and most often impose their will on family members out of the best possible intention – to get them to get along. A sense of duty to some relatives will not keep them for long, because this, like any emotional blackmail, is unlikely to ever touch the soul of Aquarius.

Career and money Aquarius

This is a sign that brings enthusiasm, excitement and innovation to their workplace and has a remarkable ability to use their imagination for business purposes. Their high intelligence, combined with their willingness to share their talents, inspires many people in their lives. They are visionaries who enjoy doing humanitarian work and need to work in a place that supports the best conditions for endangered groups of people.

This zodiac sign’s finances can be spent on various risks, but also withheld, and all they need to create a rescue zone out of their lives is to give them something they can count on. They are well attuned to their sense of style and not afraid to show it off, so their colors shining in the outside world make a big difference to their emotional state. They excel in professions such as piloting, paragliding, and photography, but they also make great programmers, mathematicians, and scientists, and need to express their individuality with gentle instructions on how to do it.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are unpredictable, smart, outgoing, independent, and great at communicating. They are also unreliable and inflexible, but change with a suitable partner, at least up to the point where they check the time on their wristwatches. The Aquarius man sometimes lives out of his mind and needs a companion to talk about his progressive thoughts and ideas. In the game of seduction, you must first become their friend, and everything else comes later. When everything falls into place and he finds that he has found trust in the person in front of him, every Aquarius has a chance to face their own boundaries and see if there is anything else they need to break.

As a person who wears his Sun in the sign of harm, this person also has difficulty adjusting. He needs someone who would respect his need for freedom, his individuality and, above all, his sincere desire to change the world for the better.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman

She is independent, enigmatic, free-spirited and eccentric, with a great sense of humor and a strange inability to remain consistent and real. She seems cold and aloof, but she needs someone to romance and connect with. Truly captivating, this is a woman who makes a great partner in emotional, sexual and especially mental issues, but her devotion may not keep her for very long if she feels the slightest bit of disrespect along the way. She is drawn to people who stand out from the crown and needs someone to win her trust and take her hand in the best of circumstances.

The Aquarius woman is an imaginative partner, especially in terms of sexual expression, and wants to try new things regularly. However, she needs to know that she is appreciated and loved, and at the same time she is free from the demands and assertiveness that some of her men may be prone to.

Aquarius Compatibility

  • Incompatible couples:  Taurus, Scorpio
  • Neutral Matches:  Cancer, Leo

The combination of Air-Fire is considered ideal, as in the pair of Aries and Sagittarius. Such qualities of Aquarius as friendliness, intelligence and originality create a common breeding ground for them. With zero compatibility between Taurus and Scorpio, Aquarius can run into problems. Scorpio’s relentless quest for power and dominance can become more difficult to handle.

While breaks in communication can lead to disagreements with Taurus. The combination of Aquarius and Cancer is traditionally considered to be astrologically inconvenient, but minor issues can lead to intermediate solutions.

Similarly, Leo’s openness and warmth can be balanced by Aquarius’s impersonal tendency. However, compromises can ensure smooth sailing!  Learn more about Aquarius Compatibility »

Compatible signs of Aquarius:  Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius.

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Aquarius Tarot Card: Star

The Star Tarot card rules the Aquarius zodiac sign. The Star is a card that represents hope and optimism. It is said to heal, motivate and absorb visionary energies that help a person turn their thoughts into a practical or ground reality. Aquarians are very focused and often lend a helping hand to get through to their strong desires. This is backed up by the Star Tarot card which emphasizes: Follow your heart because the Star and the entire Universe is supporting you!

Lucky Gem Aquarius

Aquarians have complete power with their lucky stone – the diamond. Shiny edges radiate good luck, happiness and wealth in your life. Along with easing the ill effects of weak Venus, the lucky Aquarius Diamond stone helps you strengthen your relationships and help you lead a life filled with love.

The most fortunate stone for Aquarius is amethyst. The decoration of this purple gem has a stabilizing effect on the personality and temperament of Aquarius. This can help them let go of their shy nature by expressing their emotions freely. Also considered a crystal for spiritual cleansing, the stone can help release negativity and attachments. Other precious stones that have a talismanic effect on Aquarius are garnet, turquoise, moss agate, opal and jasper.

Ruling House of Aquarius: Eleventh

The eleventh house is the ruling house of Aquarius. This is the next house, which means acquaintances, groups, organizations, aspirations, a sense of inner purpose and humanity. The eleventh house has a great affinity for philanthropic activities, which are natural for natives of Aquarius. Dreamy thoughts and humanitarian actions make up the inspiring energy of the eleventh house, which is reflected in these people. Learn more about the Eleventh House »

Aquarius Ruler: Air

Despite the word “aqua” in the name, Aquarius is the last Air sign of the zodiac. The element of Air signifies the brilliance of the thoughts and plans contained in Aquarius. These natives are like a hurricane that blows away in the blink of an eye. Air signs are called “winds of change”. Likewise, their mind never stops in one place and is always on the lookout for more innovative ideas and goals, as evidenced by Aquarius!

Aquarius Quality: Fixed

Aquarius is a fixed sign that buckles in on the coldest and longest winter days of the year. Fixed signs are strong, consistent forces that channel this energy towards Aquarius to advance their goals and visions even in the face of opposition. The striking feature of the fixed sign that Aquarians exhibit is that they are very creative, and once they see an idea, they see it through to the end. In addition to Aquarius, the fixed signs include Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.

Aquarius Color: Blue

The color of Aquarius is blue. It is no coincidence that its ruling planet Uranus is also blue! The combination of sky and water is deeply connected with the sign of the water carrier. Blue is an energizing color that has a calming effect to balance the restless Aquarius energy.

Shades of blue rejuvenate Aquarians with positive vibes and energies that inspire confidence and purpose. Blue signifies grandiosity and motivates the smooth flow of innovative ideas and communication in these people. Other powerful colors for Aquarius are aquamarine, turquoise, purple and white.