Aquarius Horoscope – Zodiac-Signs


Aquarius Horoscope
Date range: January 20 – February 18
Day: Sunday, Saturday
Color: Grey, Black, Blue, Blue-Green
Element: Air
Most compatible with: Libra, Gemini

Strength and Weakness

Strengths – Aquarius is energetic yet quiet, they are also shy but loves social activities. How Aquarius acts depends largely on the community, they are shy around new people and stranger, but they will be full of energy and eccentric in front of people that they know. Aquarius is shy and often requires time to be alone, but they are social and loves being around other people. Aquarius is also known to be wise and creative; they have bright minds and are not easily swayed by the condition of surrounding.

Weaknesses – the most negative traits of Aquarius is the insensitivity and lack of attachment to others; especially feeling. Aquarius is also a little bit difficult to get close too due to their unwillingness to share emotions with people that they don’t really know; they are insensitive to other people feeling and inflexible with how they think. Most of these traits make it really difficult for Aquarius to get close to someone.

Aquarius Relationship with People

As a friend, it takes a lot of time to get close to an Aquarius, but if an Aquarius got a close friend, then he will be faithful and a loyal friend. Aquarius cares a lot for his friend and will do anything on his power to help his friend. Aquarius is dependable and great friend to have, Aquarius will gives advices and gives solutions even if the friend does not ask for it, he cares and will makes sure that his friend will not be suffering from anything bad.

As a father, in family an Aquarius father is very different to when he is around other people, he is very expressive and friendly to his kids and an Aquarius dad will not be very strict about rules around his kids. Freedom is very important to him and he will make sure that his kids will grow up in a friendly and fun environment. Aquarius is a great father to have, an Aquarius father will always try and learn about the new things that his kids loves so that he will be able to talk about that new trends with his kids naturally. The only negative thing about this is that the freedom that is given by the Aquarius dad can be easily misuse.

As a mother, in the matter of an Aquarius, she is very friendly with her children as if they are her friends. Aquarius mother long for an even more intimate relationship between her and her children, she will talk about personal things with her children and hoped that her children is also willing to open up to her. Similar to an Aquarius father, an Aquarius mother will also gives a lot of freedom to her children and will not bother with rules or limitations. Also similar to Aquarius father, things can be difficult to solve if the children misuse the freedom given by the Aquarius mother.

As children, an Aquarius child will demand a lot of freedom and do not want a lot of rules to bind him, but do not worry as Aquarius child is obedient and will be respectful of his parents. Aquarius child is responsible and loves his parent so much, Aquarius child loves being around his parents and wish that his parent will stay friendly with him for a long time. An Aquarius child will always cares for his parent in any kind of condition even though the parent does not spend a lot of time with him.

Aquarius Sex and Love

Aquarius Career

Aquarius cares a lot for the people and has a big imagination, they are high worker and very professional, they will not let their personal emotion gets in the way of their work. Aquarius is also intelligent and wise; they are able to see things from many perspectives and are able to view a problem from more than one point of views. All of these traits makes Aquarius to be very versatile in their career choices, some of the best career choices for Aquarius are acting career, education, pilot and photography; mainly because Aquarius can easily feet attached with the environment.

Positive Qualities


Although Aquarius is social and loves being other people, they are independent both mentally and financially, whenever they are in trouble, they will try to solve that problem themselves first before attempting to get help.


Aries is known for being logical and is always looking for intelligent solution for all problems.


Aquarius is about freedom and imagination. They loves field of work which requires a lot of freedom and imagination thus they are able to come out with things that is new, this is due to their ability to think differently to the common people.


Once an Aquarius gets close to someone, he will be extremely faithful to his friend, a dependable partner and will do anything to help his friend. They are expressive and attracting, so it is easy for them to make new friends.


Aquarius faithfulness to his friend and lover is well known; Aquarius is dependable and will not leave his friend or lover in trouble alone.


They care deeply about the situation around the world and are always looking for a way to make everyone’s life better.



Although Aquarius is friendly and faithful, they tend to need sometimes alone and when they do, they will do it regardless of the circumstances.


Being a lover of freedom, Aquarius does not feel too comfortable about commitment. Although they love to make friends; they always make sure that there is an intimacy line that cannot be passed.


When making a judgment and decision, Aquarius will always try to pick between one thing and other thing that is the complete opposite of the other possibilities. They will always things of the worst or the best between each problem, there is no middle ground and will not compromise, its either winning or losing.


Aquarius loves freedom and will not let other people advice sway their judgment.


Aquarius loves to think outside the box, so it is difficult to guess what they want or what they likes, it is making it harder to get close to them.

How to Make Aquarius Women Attracted to You

The most important thing on how to attract Aquarius woman is not to force her as she loves her freedom. And her unwillingness to get into commitment is also a problem, so high level of patience and persistence are needed. You need to be unique to get the attention from Aquarius woman and you will have to be able to come up with different kinds of different talk topics as Aquarius woman have a lot of sides in her personalities.

How to Make Aquarius Men Attracted to You

You need to be a good listener if you want to attract Aquarius man, as Aquarius man loves to talk about his inspirations and imaginations. To get closer to Aquarius man is not that simple though, as you need not to force a commitment out of he and you need to let him have his freedom. Keep things in line, start by being a friend with the Aquarius man and make sure that he knows about you, and then you can start to pursue the relationship after he shows that he is comfortable being around with you.