Aquarius Goat

Aquarius Goat

Calm, restrained Aquarius-Goats make an ambiguous impression on others. They are completely focused on their inner feelings, therefore they do not pay attention to what is happening around them. Modest, even a little shy, at the same time inquisitive, and at times very emotional. According to the combined horoscope, Aquarius-Goat is an addicting nature, open to everything new. This is an interesting conversationalist who is able to convey his idea to everyone. As soon as he starts a conversation, not a trace remains of the usual calm: he emotionally gestures, speaks with inspiration. Goat-Aquarius is distinguished by modesty, thoughtfulness, and at the same time knows how to be convincing and eloquent – this is an intelligent and erudite person.

Aquarius Goat traits

The inquisitive Aquarius-Goat is in constant search of new knowledge, constantly gushing with ideas, dreams of making all mankind happy. He firmly believes in his mission – a talented inventor, bearer of progressive ideas. Possesses extraordinary mental abilities and inexhaustible creativity. The union of the windy Goat and the erudite Aquarius gives birth to people, albeit inconsistent in their preferences, but absolutely brilliant. Goats-Aquarius demonstrate a great interest in everything that happens, they strive to fully realize their talents. They have an intuitive flair for everything unusual and original: they are not content with superficial knowledge, but strive to penetrate the very essence of things.

Such Aquarians retain the frivolity characteristic of all representatives of the air sign, a tendency to spontaneous actions. They are unable to concentrate on one thing, they need a constant change of activity and new impressions. However, despite their emotional mobility, Aquarius-Goats get along well with people. They are distinguished by kindness, responsiveness, attentive to others – the influence of an impressionable, sentimental Goat affects. They show spiritual and material generosity: they are always ready to help and support. True, they are soft and benevolent as long as it does not come to their interests. Goats-Aquarius value themselves very highly, demand respect and even submission from others.

Aquarius-Goat is an extraordinary personality, woven of continuous contradictions. There is a place for different manifestations of character: constancy and frivolity, restraint and emotionality, responsiveness and selfishness. Aquarius-Goat is independent, freedom-loving, always and in everything is guided by his own opinion. He is not afraid to take risks, easily gets used to new conditions, rejoices at any opportunity to dramatically change his life. The Goat-Aquarius boldly goes its own way, only her own way. He does not just believe in his success, but in every possible way tries to bring it closer. Sometimes she is capricious and touchy, sometimes obsessive: she is waiting for the immediate fulfillment of all her desires. However, this is the nature of gifted Aquarius-Goats: originality is on the verge of a foul.

Aquarius Goat compatibility (love & family)

Aquarius-Goat has a developed intuition, so it unmistakably determines how compatible it is with a partner. Not too frank at the beginning of a relationship: he looks closely at the chosen one or the chosen one for a long time, he is afraid to make mistakes. However, in communication, sweet, cheerful and spontaneous. Knows how to be attractive and charming for the opposite sex. He invariably attracts attention, but it is quite difficult to achieve his affection. According to the love horoscope, Aquarius-Goat is an unpredictable partner. It is very difficult to catch his mood: he is free like the wind.

Aquarius-Goat will be happy in alliance with a gentle, tactful partner. He does not tolerate quarrels and scandals, he is always ready to compromise. He expects a similar attitude from his half: he cannot live in an atmosphere of fear and tension. Aquarius-Goat is a creative person who seeks to fulfill all his ideas and dreams, and the rough reality hurts him. At the same time, he is quite practical, responsible, copes well with his family responsibilities. Infinitely generous: he loads loved ones with various pleasant trinkets.

Aquarius Goat business (career & goals)

This patient, hardworking and very talented person is capable of reaching great heights in his career. However, he is not too ambitious, does not try to prove his professional worth. Feels comfortable in a team, gets along well with colleagues. He does not seek to take a leading position, moreover, avoids unnecessary responsibility. For Aquarius-Goat, the main goal of life is to do what you love. In everything he follows his intuition, including when choosing a profession. Therefore, he is looking for a job to his liking, not chasing a high salary.

The main feature of the Aquarius-Goat sign is the ability to think outside the box. Easily finds a way out of the most difficult situation, and offers original ways to solve the problem. It is difficult for others to live up to his standards, he often has a reputation as a lone genius. Aquarius-Goat is a harmonious combination that endows its representatives with many advantages: rich imagination, developed intellect, strong intuition. Goats-Aquarius are in demand in any field of activity, especially there are many representatives of art and scientists among them.

It is difficult to piss off balanced men of Aquarius-Goats, they are in a peaceful mood towards everyone around them. They are public people, they work great in a team. They are devoid of ambition, completely unforgiving and reckless, so it is quite easy to deal with them. They know how to find a balance between their crazy fantasies and reality. A rich imagination peacefully coexists with practicality and prudence, therefore Aquarius-Goat is a successful and successful man in life. In a love relationship, he fully expresses all his sensuality, this is a temperamental and passionate partner. However, he has enough tact and patience not to interfere in the affairs of his beloved. He himself loves freedom, so he tries not to harass his wife with reproaches and jealousy.

The light, airy Aquarius-Goat woman loves to hover in the illusory world of her fantasies, but finds the strength to deal with pressing problems. If necessary, she can become a practical, calculating person. She is distinguished by a kind character, prefers to see only good in people. Aquarius-Goat women love communication, know how to be friends, are devoid of envy, therefore they are constantly in a wonderful mood. In relationships with men, they seek support and understanding, they are rather fragile creatures, so protection will not hurt them. They will be happy with a man who will take care of all organizational issues and financial support of the family. They are not distinguished by hard work, they prefer to live and work for pleasure.