Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius is an odd sign and belongs to the air element, all representatives of which have developed intelligence, increased activity and boundless optimism. He is easy on the rise, strives for everything new and adores all the unknown. His life priority is personal freedom, which helps him to freely know himself and the world around him. When two Aquarius meets, they see each other in their own reflection, which can either repel or contribute to their attraction.
In the first case, as a rule, they see in another Aquarius a potential competitor, in the second they are attracted by their own merits. They are impressed by the wide worldview of the partner, the desire to grow and develop, the infinity of ideas, kindness and sociability.


It is important for two Aquarians to maintain their personal boundaries: they do not like it when someone unceremoniously invades their personal space and sets their own rules there. Therefore, they do not interfere in each other’s personal affairs and do not control the behavior of the partner, treating him with due respect. This sign refers to fixed representatives of the horoscope, which means rapid life activity and the ability to achieve the desired. Uniting, they will create a powerful team, replete with revolutionary ideas.

True, quite often they can be torn from their land by their own fantasies, and partners lose touch with reality. Therefore, it is good, when one of them is older and more experienced in a pair: very young representatives of the air element are able to dream and do things.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Aquarius and Aquarius

Compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius is good for the reason that they are very similar, therefore their mutual understanding is at a high level. Referring to the same sign and elements, partners feel each other deeply and perceive the characteristics of the other for the norm. Each of them lives by feelings, listens to his heart and therefore often acts impulsively.

Even today they think about one thing, and tomorrow they act quite differently. Such impermanence does not frighten them, but, on the contrary, fosters mutual interest. For them, it would be worse if their relationship became predictable, because everything that is known to be, causes them boredom and despondency. Aquarians want to live like a volcano, dream of great ideas, exploits and stand out against the others. They are kind and love people, but in the priority they always have their ego.

The Horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius with Aquarius does not give them concrete forecasts, but they have a good chance of a good relationship, and they are very large. The success of their union depends on the natal charts of representatives of this sign. They are led by the same planets: the cold Saturn, in charge of karma, and the extraordinary Uranus.

The first planet gives hardness, discipline and diligent diligence. She sends her sons various tests, cope with which they are cleansed of karmic sins. Therefore, Aquarius is very viable and often displays reinforced concrete stubbornness. To go through all the difficulties it helps the energy of the second heavenly body. Uranus gives Aquarius unusual creative abilities and creativity, due to which he has not quite traditional thinking and finds a saving way out of the most confusing situation.

Aquarius and Aquarius Business Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility in work are high, provided that they work under the strict supervision of the side. They are intelligent, far-sighted and resourceful: to design something original and worthwhile — to spit them time and again. But in their reflections, two Aquarius can reach the point of absurdity, so someone else is needed who will adapt their projects to the traditional perception and draw up a detailed project. Also, partners like to dream, which often distracts them from the work process. They need to be periodically dropped to the ground, but do it gently so that they do not see pressure in such actions and do not run away.

The compatibility of Aquarius with Aquarius in friendship is almost perfect. In fact, they are spiritual brothers who have an invisible karmic connection. They value their relations, treat each other with respect and at the same time are not burdened by any obligations. For them, these are ideal conditions, in which both are comfortable. Common views on life, hobbies and goals unite the two Aquarius, and they are unlikely to want to part. They do not like conflicts and avoid any manifestation of aggression, so friction between them is settled calmly and in place. Friends do not know how to take offense long, quickly forgetting unpleasant situations. Between them everything is clear and transparent, so lies and omissions are excluded.

Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Astrologers consider the compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius in love high and favorable for both. Two fervent romance warm up the heat of their emotions with unusual acts and exclusive gifts, so the candy-bouquet period lasts quite a long time. Developed communication skills, rich life experience and highly developed intellect — this is what promotes their attraction in the first place. Their confidential conversations about everything in the world can last from night till morning, because they are really interesting together. Lovers are impulsive, and in this connection they quickly find themselves in bed, and then start living together, not wanting to part for a minute anymore.

The compatibility of Aquarius with Aquarius in relationships is high, but there are also pitfalls, or rather one, but the weighty is the stubbornness that Saturn gives them. If both of them enter something into their own head, then it’s extremely difficult for them to change their minds. Here they will have to adjust to each other and control their own selfishness. It is possible that in this pair the flexibility will show the woman or less experienced partner will listen to the elder elect. In any case, if between them there are real, deep feelings, lovers, possessing creative thinking, will find a way out of this situation. Being together, the partners develop themselves and motivate the chosen one. They quickly find common ideas, set common goals and begin their journey to achieve them.

Aquarius and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility in bed is harmonious, because lovers hear and understand each other, they know about mutual desires and can satisfy them. They have a similar temperament, and therefore their views on intimate life as a whole coincide. They love sex and treat it with due attention, because the intimate sphere is another platform for them where they realize their outstanding talents.

Their sex will never be boring: ingenious lovers constantly come up with something new and bring it to their bedroom. In this space, for them, there are practically no boundaries and conventions, and in this connection, both are satisfied with each other and what is happening under the blanket for 100%.

Aquarius and Aquarius Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Aquarius with Aquarius in marriage is favorable, which is the basis for a wonderful family relationship. As a rule, they have many common ideas, they see in the partner first of all a friend, associate and like-minded person. Their nature is different from other representatives of the horoscope, so it is difficult to find the same as they. This fact makes them greatly value the partner, show respect and patience to all the features of his character. They are not very worried about material things, so quarrels due to insufficiently clean floors or not timely cooked dinner between them are not.

There is no jealousy in their relations, they completely trust each other and do not restrict freedom, because it is the main guarantee for the development of each of them. They have many friends in common, the couple constantly travels, strives for something, participates in public projects and lives in general. An optimistic attitude and belief in a bright future does not allow them to get bored and sit up in one place. In their home is always warm and happy, so the compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius in family life is considered one of the highest and most promising.