April 6 Birthday


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YOUR SIGN – Aries.




The Astrological interpretation

Those of the April 6 birth date tend to be extraordinarily lucky in life. They can also, irrespective of their favorable good fortune in life, be somewhat superstitious. It would not be out of character to find some form of lucky charm; horseshoe, cloverleaf or rabbits foot dangling around in the April 6’s motorcar or, incorporated as some form of wearable item.

By nature the April 6 will operate at an astounding rate and, in a very straightforward manner in order to achieve their goals and ambitions.

It does not take much to spur you into action once the objectives of your ambitions present themselves. Take caution however, there are times when you may well apply far more force than is really necessary to achieve your required results.

The representational meaning of your April 6 birth date does not entail that you should lessen your power of influence, only, that that you be aware of its direction and the extent of its strength. It is important therefore, that you learn and become knowledgeable on how to moderate your “power of influence” in order that you avoid wasting your own time and energy or, even ending up destroying the very thing that you set out to create or establish.

When it comes to relationships, the April 6 Aries may well need to learn to apply a lot more subtlety and a far lesser forceful outlook.

Sensitivity is not one of April 6s better characteristics and you can easily overlook the fact that other folk can be and, generally are of a far more sensitive nature than yourself.  Apply a little of “think first before you speak” or similarly, “look before you leap” philosophy in order not to unthinkingly harm others verbally.

Endeavor to utilize a little consideration and gentleness. You are a romantic by nature and, you are able to express your softer side when it involves your heart’s desire.

The April 6 taste in music tends to correspond to that of your personality being, somewhat loud, aggressive, and brimming with positive energy and enthusiasm for life. You will definitely derive great pleasure from crashing away on loud instrument, drums, Cymbals or a electronic organ etc.

The occult, philosophy, pioneering scientific activities, engineering and research are all be areas of interest to April 6. By their nature they find deep interest in the elusive and, the more secret aspects of life. The arts of the magician can well take the fancy of April 6 Aries and this might well be a hobby that you can take up.

On the home front consider including touches or red within your home décor as this color denotes the energy of the heart in addition to that of courage.

Perhaps the best color for April 6 is that of a bright yellow-orange because this color intimates a connection of this date of April 6 with that of the suns energy. A décor or home items featuring a sun style image will not only appeal to April 6 but also help to influence your energy levels.

By nature April 6 will relish luxuries and love their home comforts and, while you might love your comforts almost as much as that of your own family, the pleasure that you derive from material objects and possessions does not in any way, infer that you are selfish person.

Keep some decorative candles about your home because, aside from playing with the candle light and wax drips at times, you can also find that they will increase your concentration when working or reading.

Most folk born this day of April 6 enjoy good food with a particular appreciation of various spices so; keep plenty of spices available in your cooking kitchen area.

On the outdoors scenario the April 6 holds a powerful appreciation of natures natural beauty. You will prefer to conduct your exercise activities in an outdoors environment in sight of nature’s bounty rather than being confined within a gymnasium.

In your garden spring flowers such as forsythia and crocuses can be of particular pleasure for you plus some form of activity equipment such as a trampoline to provide a venue for activity and exercise.

Rhodochrosite, a red-rose colored manganese carbonate mineral, is the principal stone for those born on April 6. In addition, the gemstones of either Emerald or Sodalite (a deep, rich blue stone with white inclusions) will provide you with a calming influence.

Your special magic numbers are: 10 and 7.

The sixth day of the fourth month reduces to ten, and the number ten signifies authority and control. Inherent to this day is a relationship with the elements and forces of nature.

You are re-energized by the activities of life and, forever playing out and celebrating the never-ending aspects of existence and expression.

Visit the beach, build a fire at sunset and sit to watch the color phases of sun set. Feel the sand at your feet, listen to the surf, and watch the children play in the fading light at the end of a happy and perfect day.

The ninety-seventh day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven adds the value of celebration at harvest time and that of rest after a day of labor.