April 30 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features.

April 30  Birthday interpretation.

As an April 30 Taurus birth date, your success in life is centered upon your own individual values.

As you define and improve that which is of importance to you, you will see that your real direction in life will become revealed with an astonishing clarity

As an April 30 birth date you will find that your own life will requires regular clean-ups in order that you can appropriately do away with those ideas, desires and any people in your life that tend to restrict your growth and development.

You must retain that which is good for you personally, and to abandon that which is not.

There are some April 30 birthdays that center upon a critical degree, and this particular influence can be the cause of extremes of experience in their lives.

The April 30’s quality of an inherent placid and patient nature will generally be the answer that allows them to get through and surmount those extremes of ups and downs in life.

The April 30 birth date identifies with a person who tends to have and enormous passion and, it is a passion that is expressed quite freely.

Having a relationship with someone born today can be compared to that of taking a box of fireworks to bed with you and the igniting them one by one. In other words, you can expect the April 30 to go off with a bang from time to time.

As an April 30 birth date, you are one who will have a very loyal attitude and outlook toward your partner. However, you are also the type of person who likes to travel and to quite regularly make changes in your life.

The aspect of your nature is influenced by the element of fire in your life that inspires in you, a driving passion and love of travel. The element of fire is important to the April 30 in both a literal and symbolic sense.

As result of this aspect of your nature you may well find it somewhat difficult to settle down. It is very likely that those of the April 30 birth date will aim for a vocation or career that entails regular relocations to new areas.

As an April 30, you are also endowed with an intense sense of the pain and concern for the needs of others who are less fortunate than yourself.

You are one who has an inherent commitment to service and dedication, and your fulfillment of this quality in your nature will bring you back to you deep sense of personal satisfaction.

You might like to consider satisfying this aspect of your personality by becoming involved, as a volunteer or otherwise, in organizations such as the Red Cross or the Save the Children for example.

Alternatively, some other similar organizations through which you can gain an awareness of the inherent spectrum of the human condition, as this can erase the illusion of separateness.

The April 30 can include singing among their inherent talents and, the act of singing can be wonderful for the release of tension.

The colors of amber, lavender, natural greens and turquoise relate well with your birth date as do the mineral gemstones of agate, opal sapphire and jade.

On the home front, under the influence of both Venus and the moon ruling over your birthday, you are one who will like and appreciate luxury and plush effects around the home.

This influence will extend to your dress ware in the forms of Angora or Cashmere type sweaters or jackets for example.

By your nature, gray and pink marbling might well feature within your home and you are likely to appreciate wall décor in the form of travel maps framed and mounted upon your walls.

The April 30 is very likely to favor a practical working fireplace plus other aspects of physical fire in the form of candlelight for example.

On the out doors front, the April 30 will find considerable relaxation when they are out and about where they can be in tune with nature.

You have a special connection to natural beauty and are most relaxed and are able to come into contact your inner strength when you are taking walk through a wood or forest, or visiting a flower garden for example.

You are very likely to have a very keen sense of smell and floral scents are a sense of luxury to your mind.

Those who live in the city should take frequent trips to public gardens and, you will also find that keeping plants or growing kitchen herbs can provide you with a considerable feeling of personal satisfaction.

By being in contact with nature you will be able to become in contact with your real self.

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 4.

The thirtieth day of the fourth month reduces to seven, and the number seven is the number of victory and sworn oaths.

The 121st day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the quality of stability and order to your efforts.