April 29 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features.

April 29  Birthday interpretation.

Those of the April 29 Taurus birth date can often find it quite difficult to make any decision needed in order to move forward when they are confronted with a major opportunity or a crossroads in their life.

This quality arises through the association of this day with the “Lovers” card in the tarot. This is a card that is held to represent the need to make choices.

As an April 29 birth date, you can be very witty and amusing. However, at times your wit can be conveyed in such a manner that it can have a very sharp edge to it.

You also have the ability to make those sharp comments in such a manner that you do not project aggressiveness and, as result, it is very rare that you cause offence to others.

This quality of wit and humor might well lead you to take up the vocation of professional writing as an author. It is very likely that where you do take up such an activity, then there is a strong indication that you could well be a very good writer.

As an April 29, it would not be unreasonable to expect that you could have quite a number of uncompleted writing projects under way at the same time with written materials tucked away your desk drawers.

The April 29 enjoys the ability to exude a very loving personality to all those with whom they come in contact.

The April 29 identifies with and knows love on a number of levels. They are more than capable of showing and expressing intimate, sexual and personal love to their partner in life.

In addition, and in a more impersonal way, they can project their love, loyalty, and cooperation to other such folk as their friends, co-workers, and associates.

The April 29 is also endowed with another quality of love that is inherent within relatively few people. This is love that transcends that of the norm and constitutes a love that is given as unconditional, and for which no rewards are either expected or asked for.

It is this quality of unconditional love that endows the April 29 with a comforting and healing quality, that helps them to calm and comfort others who may be in great distress.

Where the April 29 can learn to apply this particular quality of their nature to themselves then they will discover that even during the grimmest periods of their lives that they will generate and gain contact with their own inner light.

As an April 29 you will generally find that you are most interested in the exchanging of good feelings rather than pure possessions.

Should you find that you are holding onto to many unneeded material things then direct your mind to concentrate more on the development of the love and the heart aspects of you nature. In this way you will enjoy life more, while at the same time, reorganize and tidy up your affairs.

Objects that might help you with your emotional reorganization are heart shapes, or the drawing round circles while thinking and contemplating.

The color light pink is a good color for you and red can hold a comforting influence. The colors of, lime green, tangerine and pale peach, relate well with your birth date and the minerals of peridot and amber gemstones will help to inspire and motive your generosity.

On the outdoors front, the April 29 can derive comfort from hilly type country with valley’s to look down upon. Natural fauna such as soft mosses relate well to your quality of gentleness.

A home, built either within a valley or, alternatively overlooking one would be an ideal location for the April 29. In this scenario, a garden landscaped in the form of steps or levels on sloping land could be of particular appeal.

Since the sign of Taurus rules over all lilies, then lilies should form a feature within any April 29 garden.

If you live in a city or suburbs then endeavor to take trips to visit those hilly rural areas where you can absorb the sites, smells and atmospheres of nature.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 3.

The twenty-ninth day of the fourth month reduces to six, and the number six is that of beauty, symmetry, and harmony of opposites.

The path of this day incorporates the understanding that talents, gifts, and possessions are far better when they are shared.

As we realize our potentials and possibilities then happiness and satisfaction are gained through that of sharing. To give and take freely is key to self-renewal with this path. One should give freely of that which has been given, and in turn strive to turn our abilities into expertise.

The 120th day reduces to three, and the number three adds the quality of creative expression.