April 28 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features.

April 28 Birthday interpretation.

The April 28 Taurus birth date embodies the ancient astrological saying that, “a child of Venus will never want for anything.”

In the manner that that you give your time and effort in order to help and to provide others with the needs and requirements for their health, happiness and well being, then so will you find that life will take care of, and provide for your life requirements.

As an April 28 birth date, you should never be to over worried or concerned about your own personal finances.

Remember that there is a clear-cut difference between that of what a person desires in life, and that which in reality they actually need.

As an April 28 your personality is endowed with that extremely appealing quality in that, you have an inherent ability to remain firm under confrontation.

The ability to see the decency in the most challenging of events, and are able to provide advice and comfort to others around you during their times of problems and stress.

The April 28 has the skills to identify how something of a material nature can call to mind an emotional state. It is though this considerable quality that you can come up with, just the right type of favorite gift or special treat and, at just the most appropriate time for others.

The moon is featured high in the sign of Taurus, and a feature of the April 28 birth date is that it merges that well known Taurus quality of stubbornness, with that of those lunar qualities of resourcefulness and artistic abilities.

While you are more than capable of extreme stubbornness, you are also capable of visualizing and coming up with both creative solutions to life’s problems, and various ways in which to satisfy your own personal desires and needs.

The path in life of the April 28 is that of rising above the apparent in life and coming up with, and the formulation of alternate brilliant methods in order to sole a problem. In other words to overturn any accepted position that a particular problem cannot be solved.

Under the perspective of “Lateral thinking” there is always an alternative method or way in which to look at a situation in order to alter the viewpoint.

The April 28 birth date also identifies with a lasting interest in the subject of language.

This may not take the form of actually speaking in a different language or languages but more so in you’re learning and studying about the development and internal structures of a language itself.

This might lead you to be interested in, or becoming a linguist of semantic studies. Alternatively, you may become an enthusiast and gain enjoyment from simple word play.

You might like to study ancient civilizations such as those of the Minoan on the island of Crete. The religion there was based on that of goddess worship and the horns of the bull were looked upon as a sacred symbol.

On that island, the great “Palace of Minos” at Knossos was painted a unique shade of red and this color may be a power color for you.

As an April 28, you are very likely to have quite a keen interest in music and, in a similar manner to an interest in language, you are likely to love music more for the meaning of words and the interplay of harmony and structure.

With this quality in your life you will be one who will enjoy classical concerts where you can listen to your favorite composers such as Wagner or Beethoven.

Those of the April 28 birth date generally have a considerable love for sporting activities. They are unlikely however, to favor such sporting activities over and above their interest in either language or music.

The colors of crimson, lemon, apricot, shades of blue and reds can compliment with the April 28 birth date and, the minerals of the topaz and sapphire gem stones will help to stimulate your creativity.

On the home front, as an April 28, you might appreciate hanging some framed prints featuring ancient script or hieroglyphics within your home

Photos or pictures of favorite sporting heroes or other childhood sporting items are also likely to feature within the home.

The April 28 can also like variation and flexibility and, to accommodate these qualities in your character, you are one who is very likely to practice regular repositioning of furniture or other home items around your lounge and dining areas.

Particular colors of attraction to your birth date are yellow and blue and you should look to incorporate these within your home environment. Other colors to match your personality are crimson, lemon, apricot.

To help to keep yourself grounded with your Earth sign, endeavor to keep houseplants that appeal to you about the home. Taurus rules all lilies, and you may particularly enjoy tiger lilies.

On the outdoor front, your outdoor garden space should incorporate features that remind of agriculture, the rural, and in particular farming. Pets can be a feature that can also keep you in tune with the earthy nature of your sign of Taurus.

If you live in a city or suburbs then endeavor to take trips to visit agriculture areas where you can absorb the smells and atmospheres of farming and country living.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 2.

The twenty-eighth day of the fourth month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of adaptation and versatility.

The 119th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds the influence of receptivity to subconscious impressions that enhance your process.