April 26 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features.

April 26 Birthday interpretation.

The April 26 Taurus birth date holds a strong connection and relationship to the planet of Venus, and Venus is the goddess of love.

In accordance with this connection those of the April 26 birth date tend by nature to be extremely romantic individuals. As a result, you’re personal and intimate, romantic relationships are something that is extremely important for you.

The action of physical love is one that is of great importance to you and, as result, it would be extremely difficult for you to be in, or to enter into, any romantic relationship in which the sexual dynamics and commitments were missing.

As an April 26 you are one who would definitely gain enjoyment from long, sensual evenings. When your heart and the romantic aspect of your nature are engaged, you are an exceptional healing type of individual who adds deep feeling and kindness to your arena of lovemaking.

You would however be far happier where such activities where conducted in a more intimate environment as compared to that of a more crowded surroundings

As an April 26 you are endowed with both a powerful  “urge to merge” and an inherent natural inbuilt form of magnetism that tends to attract and draw many people to you.

As a person the April 26 is a very good, honest and loyal friend and you can be quite generous with both yourself and your possessions.

People around you will discover that they can confide in you in the full knowledge that you are not the type of person who would let then down by betraying their confidentiality.

The April 26 Taurus has a diplomatic nature and, added to this is an intellect that is capable of understanding a wide variety of disciplines. You are endowed with a great gift, and that is an ability to visualize information, ideas, and concepts in a sound and realistic manner.

The April 26 birth date is also a somewhat deep and profoundly spiritual individual and, in this respect, you may take a particular interest in the art of regular meditation. This might take the form of yoga that would be an ideal activity for you.

It is not unusual for those of the April 26 birth date to take an interest in, and to encourage others into an environmentally conscious outlook to life.

Many of those of the April 26 birth date were among the earlier initiators and supporters for environmental reform and as result you are likely to be one of the first at the gate of your local recycling plant.

The minerals of Sapphire and citrine are gemstones that can help to stimulate and inspire your focus and outlook on life and, you should consider wearing the metal of copper (a bracelet for example) as this material relates to your birth date.

On the home front, consider utilizing copper type cookware in your kitchen as this could inspire you to create some culinary delights.

Colors to incorporate within your home décor should take the form of cobalt blue, carrot orange and spring greens.

In order to remind you of the natural world about you consider incorporating about your home some reminders of the natural world. These could take the form of minerals such uncut rose quartz, or agate for example.

Within your home a piece of sculpture made from natural materials such as pieces of bark, wood, or pressed flowers for example would be appealing to your nature.

Sound and sounds can be very stimulating to those of the April 26 birth date so, you might like to consider incorporating some attractive door chimes or some other interesting feature that can provide you with some melodious sounds about the home.

On the outdoors front the April 26 will discover that the way of life, atmosphere and rhythm of farming can be a tonic for your rather fast temper and feelings of restlessness. Farming might well be a vocation for you but if not, and you don’t live in a rural environment, then a holiday on a farm might prove perfect for your temperament

In your garden, your mind frame will generally prefer to mark off you’re your property lines and boundaries with box hedges. Include some climbing roses or wisteria in order that you can watch their progress as they climb throughout the seasons.

In accordance with your inherent interest in environmental matters you might want to do more than normal floral gardening and adopt a recycling concept in order to begin to generate your own self-sustaining garden.

The growing of your own food is not only a great way to contribute to the environment but can also lead to unforeseen and considerably worthwhile changes in your own awareness of life.

Your special magic numbers are 3 and 9.

The twenty-sixth day of the fourth month reduces to three, and the number three is the number of growth, development, and the opening up of the principles of one and two.

As example, the path of this day revolves around the overcoming of the obstacles and challenges that we face in life and, as result through such experiences we are able learn. Rather than attempt to wade through the strong current of a river, or to find a long way to go around it, one will build a bridge that will enable not only our self to cross easily but also for those who will later follow after us.

The 117th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine adds the quality of a successful and perfected result from your endeavors.