April 25 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features.

April 25 Birthday interpretation.

Idealism is a quality inherent in those born on this April 25 Taurus birth date and, as result, many visionaries, prophets, and mystics may well be born on this particular day of the year.

While idealism is a commendable quality to have, those of this April 25 birth date may well need to control its effects at times. One methodology to diminish the influence of any of those lofty ideals that you may have is to acquire a piece of the mineral “iron pyrite” more commonly known as of fool’s gold. Then take the time each night to spend a few minutes looking at it.

As an April 25 you have been endowed with the ability to be able to identify the real worth in people, and as such, you are not the type of person who can be easily mislead by those who project pretentious airs and pretences.

Your contribution to both yourself and to others arises from your ability to uphold the truth in all areas of life situations.

By your nature you are one who will prefer to have friends who are down-to-earth in attitude rather than those who project a high-and-mighty attitude. You will favor natural fabrics over those that are man-made and natural and organic foods in preference to pre-packaged or pre-prepared foods.

The influence of the Taurus Sun on your April 25 birth date endows you with that ability to drive through directly into the heart of any matter.

With such qualities you will find that you will succeed due to your straight forwardness of attitude and as result, you will be able to be of help to others in order that they also may also learn to accept life in clear and straight forward terms.

As an April 25 you are naturally appealing, with result that you are very likely to attract a considerable amount of love and affection from those around you.

The planet of Venus forms one of your Taurus sign rulers and Venus rules over the qualities of artistic endeavors. You may find therefore, that you have a talent for illustrating your feelings in practical expression through the arenas of drama, music, poetry, or inventions.

The key for you in life is to value the links you have between people rather than in the accumulation and the hoarding of material items.

As an April 25 your sense of touch is a highly developed part of your personality and as result, materials such as flannel nightwear, cottons and silks will feel comfortable to you for example.

For those of the Taurus sign the throat forms a vulnerable area of the body. You can afford some protection in this area through the wearing of high neck clothing such as turtleneck sweaters for example. On the subject of dress ware you should consider colors such as pale turquoise, green, carmine and teal.

The minerals of Amber and Celestite are gemstones that will complement your mental processes.

On the home front, your most favorite place may be a room sited in the center of your home and with dimmer lighting and low ceilings. If you happen to have such a room to retreat to then you should furnish it with round shapes and light blue carpeting.

Include a mural on the wall of a country cottage scene, a woodsman chopping or stacking wood perhaps might complete the decor.

On the outdoors front, privacy is of supreme importance to those of the April 25 birth date and you will really appreciate your moments of solitude spent in natural surroundings. For the April 25 it is important to have a closed space where you can sit and feel completely alone.

This could take the form of a quiet grove of trees in the woods or a summerhouse in the garden area that will allow you to retire to an enclosed seclusion while still enjoying the open air.

Since the gentle natural rhythm of nature tends to comfort and calm you, and very much so on those occasions when you are likely to blow your top, you might like to consider utilizing water as the base of your garden, rather than grass lawns. This could take the form of a pond or even a genuine water garden. Create a rock garden with little rivulets of water running over and among the stones.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 8.

The twenty-fifth day of the fourth month reduces to two, and the number two represents the life force itself in ancient symbolism.

Your task is to embrace what endures: love, respect, and compassion.

The only things that are truly permanent are the intangibles. All forms eventually dissolve. Search for substance.

The 116th day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight amplifies your understanding of the impermanence of forms and the enduring nature of love.