April 24 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features

April 24 Birthday interpretation.

The April 24 Taurus birth date identifies with a person who is a born gambler. This arises via the relationship of this particular date with the fortune card in the tarot.

There are however, other influences that suggest that while you might have that gambling tendency, you will be inclined to conduct such activities within the more rational outlets.

As example, as a an April 24 you may well be attracted by the stock market where you will derive great enjoyment and pleasure from researching and trading of some high-risk, but high-yielding investment. On line Internet stock trading can be a perfect forum for the April 24.

As an April 24 the sights, smells, senses and excitement of horse racing (the Sport of Kings) and the activity of traditional betting can constitute a perfect day out for you.  To increase your chances of winning you might like to try carrying a basil leaf in your pocket whenever you place a bet.

The April 24 birth date also identifies with a person who can be fairly possessive by nature. This possessiveness can take various forms whether it be, an object, an idea, or a person for example.

While this quality tends to give rise to a strong sense of individuality within you, it also can make it somewhat difficult for you to release something and to let it go.

The important thing for you is to measure wealth or plenty through that of quality and not that of quantity.

You will find that the accumulations that you seek in this material world, and the passion that you search for within your relationships, will become attracted to you based upon your own sense of self-worth and reputation.

Where you continue to give self-respect unto yourself so will you gain and receive the respect of others. As you allow self-love to grow within you, so will that love attract its natural balance. Where and as you are prepared to share your possessions, so will you find that life’s riches will become increasingly attracted to you.

On the relationship front, the April 24 can be as cautious with respect to their relationships as they are with their gambling. Since the April 24 generally has a great liking for seafood’s, one methodology to attract a person of this birth date into your life is to take for a romantic evening at sea food restaurant.

Irrespective of whether you are a male or a female your April 24 birth date endows you with a mischievous quality that enhances your attractiveness to others.

As an April 24 you can have a strong tendency toward religion and this quality of your nature can find you becoming attracted to those traditional religious ceremonies that involve lots of ritual and structure.

For you, the sensation of touch will form an important aspect in whatever type of work that you decide upon

Many of this birth date tend to have musical interest and in particular a good singing ability. Irrespective of whether or not you sing professionally you will find that the simple activity of humming along with music on the radio or some other musical device a comforting activity.

There can, with this April 24 birth date, be some measure of strife and discontentment. To offset this quality you should accept the contentment in your abilities and in the general feel of your life.

An aspect of this day of April 24 contains the promise of the end of the rainbow. The journey to that legendary pot of gold is one of applying our very best efforts and in engaging our faith.

Fluorite is a mineral with a veritable bouquet of brilliant colors and the carrying of such a gemstone can help to inspire your faith in yourself.

Dress wise, you should as an April 24, favor fine leather ware. Leather skirts or pants, jackets, belts, wallets and gloves for example.

On the home front, you should allocate some solitary space to which you can retire to relax and meditate. Consider an activity that involves deep concentration such as the practice yoga for example.

Incorporate the colors of pale turquoise, green, and lavender within your home accessory décor as these colors can help to settle your mind and thoughts. Other colors compatible with those of the April 24 birth date are emerald green, deep purple and cream yellow.

On the outdoors front, those of the April 24 birth date love flowers and they also prefer a warmer climate.

You might like to consider designing your garden with a fence and trellis leading to a half-circle gate. While a multicolored garden environment will generally appeal to your April 24 nature, you might also like to consider featuring a premier color within your garden for each year. Yellow first year, then white, and if at any time you are feeling a little low, you should aim for red colored flowers.

Your special magic numbers are 10 and 7.

The twenty-fourth day of the fourth month reduces to ten, and the number ten is the number of embodiment and ultimate outcome.

The 115th day reduces to seven, and the number seven contributes the quality of security and peace after victory.