April 23 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features

April 23 Birthday interpretation.

Those born on this April 23 Taurus birth date tend to be an intensely ethical type of person who look upon life as a series of moral obligations to diverse groups of people.

While at an initial introduction the April 23 may appear to be a somewhat joyless and dour sort of individual, any such first impression is in reality, far from the truth.

You do face the problem that while you are always considering your obligations to others, you do have that tendency to overlook your own needs. To help to counteract this tendency you should look to engage in, or take up, something that will put a little fun back into your life. This diversion of your attention will help to break with your inherent cycle of only considering your duty, or obligation to others.

As an April 23 birth date you are one who loves to be surrounded by beauty. You are also a very sensual person by nature.

You are the type of person who derives great pleasure and enjoyment from artistic environments such as art galleries, art museums, boutiques, greenhouses and concert halls etc.

As an April 23 you are one who appreciates the finer things in life and you want the best that life has to offer. As result, not only do you have that strong desire to visit and see beautiful places, you also have that desire to live in a beautiful environment.

In order to acquire, accumulate and attract such finer thing into your life however, it will be necessary that learn how best to work in with other people around you.

As an April 23 you are by nature not always the most communicative, nor are you the most cooperative of individuals. It is important for you therefore to learn to use your strong will, determination and drive for the well being of others collectively, and not only just for you’re own personal gains. By doing this you will find that it will bring to you far more of those finer things in life that you desire.

The fixed star Sheratan, positioned in the most prominent part of Aries and a white star on the Ram’s North Horn, may be located on some April 23 birthdays. This position was in ancient times believed to indicate the qualities of plotting, scheming, tact, and planning.

As an April 23 birth date you may well utilize all or some of these qualities in the pursuit of vocations or interest in the fields of the artistic, the military, business ventures or even sports.

In a simple image description the April 23 is one who prefers to go their own way and, in doing so, they basically want to conduct a carefree life and existence.

Jade and turquoise are minerals that relate to the April 23 birth date and are gemstone that can help you to influence and harmonize your moods. The colors of baby blue, moss green and cobalt blue are compatible to your birth date.

On the home front, the April 23 is a somewhat house-proud individual, who derives great pleasure from arranging everything within the home to their liking.

As result of a partial influence of Gemini the Twins on this day, you could be particularly interested in items that come in matched pairs. These might take the form of ornaments or even furniture items for example.

The reflective lines and qualities crystal ware can provide a peaceful influence to the April 23.

The April 23 bedroom will favor their artistic flair by incorporating for example, some flowing drapes, and softly shaded landscape paintings with luxurious bedding materials to match the changing seasons of the year.

To make a bedroom as a place in which the April 23 will really feel at home and comfortable, consider painting the walls in various shades of brown and russet in a marbling type effect.

On the outdoors front, your home ground area environment should be one where you can happily engage in your favorite activities. These may take the form working on your car, general garden work, playing with your pets or withdrawing into a work shed to carry out other repairs or to conduct a hobby.

As an April 23 you might take a particular inter in the growing of grapes or the cultivation of other types of fruit trees. Ornamental “Bonsai” could be an interesting hobby and flowers such as myrtle or day lilies are in accord with your nature.

A Numerological Interpretation

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 6

The twenty-third day of the fourth month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents that of completion and attainment.

This path of this day holds the promise of fulfillment as we enter into cooperation with the natural universe. An image of this partnership is that of the beautiful outcome from a well-tended garden.

The 114th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six contributes the influence of beauty and harmony to your intrinsic sense of the order of things.