April 22 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features

April 22 Birthday interpretation.

Those born on the April 22 Taurus birth date may not be the most ambitious of people by nature, however, the qualities and values of money and financial security do mean a great deal to them.

By nature, the April 22 has a somewhat steadfast approach to life. They are fully aware that if they move ahead firmly and steadily, then they will ultimately achieve their objectives in life.

As an April 22 birth date you will tend to take lifeís matters in your stride and will make few demands on life.

You prefer, and in fact must do just about everything in your own particular way, and you will do so steadily at one thing at a time. Where those around learn how to he patient with you, then once they do, they will discover that they will be adequately rewarded in return.

While by your nature you are one who will prefer to say yes rather than no to someone, you can certainly be very resistant toward those people who may endeavor to try to force a decision from you at a time before you are ready to make such decision.

As an April 22 you are far from sensitive to the needs of other people. Where they grant you the latitude and allow you to take the time that you require to deal with matter then they will discover that you will give them pretty well exactly what they are seeking from you.

You have a considerable range of talents that in turn can encourage you to make some form of impact within your world, whether in the area of just everyday affairs and events or, in the arena of historical events.

The birth date of April 22 has association with the talents of plotting and strategy, with rational thought and all things intellectual and logical according to some Ancient writers.

This talent might take the form of navigational work or business planning for example. Alternatively, you might take enjoyment from having a white board, black board or some electronic equipment at home so that you can replan and try out your game plan before making any commitment to a project or some other form of undertaking.

As an April 22 you may feel that you never seem to have enough time to devote to you particular intellectual interests. To help to encourage and influence yourself, store your reading matter in a highly visible attractive bookcase. Consider an impressive design antique pine bookcase as this can influence your mind to spend more time on your reading, thinking and contemplation.

The minerals of Turquoise and citrine are gemstones that can help to influence the revitalization and stimulation of both your body and mind.

Since the sign of Taurus rules the throat, try a little humming on appropriate occasions during the day as this action will help to keep the energy circulating.

On the home front, the April 22 passion for intellectual interests is equal to their sensual passions. This indicates that they are likely to be a magnificent romantic partner. To cater for and to enhance upon this powerful quality consider having a cast-iron bedstead within your bedroom in order that that you can take advantage of the Marsís influence.

You should endeavor to keep your living area quite separate from your work area. That does not mean that you should not keep a work desk at home. Just that it should be positioned well away from your daily living environment.

A window type seat setting (a bay window for example) can be a simple but excellent for you to sit, relax and contemplate.

You are, both professionally and personally interested in transformation i.e. alteration, conversion, renovation etc. For this you need the space to work on your plans, sketches and drawing etc.

As an April 22, you will probably gain great pleasure and enjoyment from cooking and entertaining, so the kitchen can be a particular life interest factor for you. Consider using clay ovenware and ceramic oven pots as these can give just the right earthy touch to your kitchen, cooking environment.

In the outdoors arena, the April 22 needs room to walk and pace around. With this factor in mind you might like to seriously consider taking up the outdoor activity of hiking. This activity will help you focus on your journey in life. Alternatively, a walk in the park or around your garden yard will suffice.

For you the essential factor is in having enough room to walk in straight line and then to following that line back again.

In your garden, rows of box hedges outlining your space areas will appeal to your nature and flowers such as day lilies, daisies, and larkspur are well suited for those of the April 22 birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 5.

The twenty-second day of the fourth month reduces to eight, and the number eight expresses that of rhythm.

This date endows you with an inward mobilization. Used constructively, you can throw off your conflicts and stresses in the way that the thunder and lightning of an electrical storm create a catharsis in nature. The morning after has crystal clarity, enabling you to see the road ahead.

The 113th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five supports your path through the innate understanding of continuous transition.