April 21 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon.

Astrological Birthday Features

April 21 Birthday interpretation.

The April 21 Taurus birth date identifies with a person who is discovering how to develop willpower.

As an April 21 you have a natural inherent resistance toward people, what and how to do things in your life and, even if you are not too sure yourself about something, you are one who needs to know that there are no unnecessary external forces in control of, or influencing your life.

While some folk might look upon you as stubborn and unlikely to give way on a matter, you on your part will think of yourself in the terms of just expressing your own individuality, and one who refuses to be compromised into agreeing to matters or situations that you strongly oppose.

Those of the April 21 birth date are very willing to work hard and they have great respect for the forms and aspects of life. Material welfare and security is an important quality in life for you.

Those of the April 21 birth date are endowed with a natural beauty that will often need no form of cosmetic type improvements. In reality, you could be looked upon as the epitome of the normal man or woman. Without any bother, fuss or hang ups, you are one who likes to be just yourself.

The April 21 can be quite laid back in out look and just taking things as they come. They have that inherent knowledge and trust that if they just stay true to themselves then all and everything will ultimately fall into the right place.

There is an aspect of this April 21 day values that indicates a source of tremendous vigor and vitality.

This might be expressed as from the minute you get up each morning, you will probably spend the rest of your day in a state of constant activity. This state of activity extends to and includes the non-stop workings of your mind and thoughts, as much as to any form of physical activity you might undertake at times throughout the day.

For the April 21, it is better that you engage your vibrant energy activities in the form of short bursts and to do this even though you might often feel like you could remain in a highly energetic state forever.

Your source of strength comes from deep within you and when you call on that faith within yourself and upon your higher power, then, there are no limits to that which you desire to accomplish.

While highly energetic and possibly forceful by nature you are not the type of person who could be called impetuous. In reality, you are an extremely romantic type of person who will express very open declarations of undying love when your mood takes you.

In relation to that of romance, there are certain values inherent in this day that indicate you are someone of traditionalist values. This might be exampled in the terms that if one wanted to romance and seduce someone born on this day, the playing some older traditional type black and white movies followed by a romantic candlelit dinner should do the trick.

As an April 21 birth date you are endowed with considerable artistic talents both in the fields of drama and that of the visual arts

Dress wise you should consider including the color of a dark shade of blue as much as possible. Other colors compatible to this April 21 birth date are peach, cream and greens. Incorporate the minerals of amber and emerald gemstones about your person as these can help to fire up your imagination.

On the home front, the April 21 likes furniture that is interesting, comfortable and luxurious. Personality wise they will also appreciate items that incorporate small areas that have a personality all their own.

Attractive decorative touches about the home appeal to the April 21’s and these could take form for example, of vases or some other form of decorative containers holding flowers, silk flowers or art pieces that have been hand made from natural resources.

In the bedroom the April 21 is likely to favor a more traditional type bed in the form of a four-poster bed. Add to this a white bedspread, a variety of round colored silk pillows and a doll or teddy bear to set out a scene that will satisfy your artistic eye.

On the out doors front, the bounties of Mother Nature are an important part of life for the April 21. Irrespective of wherever you might live, you will, as an April 21, derive great pleasure and enjoyment from taking time out or holiday vacations to areas where there is natural rural wilderness. Either the high lands or lowlands will appeal as you stroll through the grasses or bush.

In your own garden, you should consider planting and growing tulips, daffodils or other fresh flowers to remind you of life’s tenacity. Cowslips, all forms lilies and pansies appeal will appeal to your nature.

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 4

The twenty-first day of’ the forth month reduces to seven, and the number seven represents that of victory.

The I12th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four contributes the influence of stability and predictability to your innate resourcefulness