April 20 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus




Astrological Birthday Features

April 20 Birthday interpretation.

The April 20 Taurus birth date occurs at the first degree of the sign of Taurus. As an April 20, you will also have within you that fiery creative strength of the Aries and as result you seek to utilize this potential in order to make it a reality.

As an April 20 birth date it is of importance for you to be able to express your self-worth. In order to do this however you will have to discover the right format in order that you can utilize your talents and abilities.

Once you have established the framework for your career and your life time objectives, then you are, without doubt, a very strong and determined individual.

As an April 20 birth date you are one who will be very firm and will to stick to your ground no matter whatever the odds that may be against you. In reality, the greater opposition that arises to confront you, then the stronger you will become.

Those of the April 20 birth date tend to consistently project a very fair and unbiased attitude. As a result of this inherent quality, the April 20’s generally find themselves very popular both in their at work environment, as well as within their family circle.

There is every chance that you will find yourself acting as a mediator in respect of other people’s disagreements, disputes and quarrels. On such occasions you should take out the time afterward in order to retire to somewhere quite, grab a comfortable chair and listen to some of your favorite music. This action will help you to do away with any of the personal stress that your mediation activity may have created.

The qualities of loyalty, resolution, dedication and steadfastness grace the lives of those of the April 20 birth date.

The date of April 20 holds a powerful relationship the High Priestess tarot card, and the High Priestess card is linked to that of the hidden, or occult wisdom. This relationship tends to indicate an individual who has a particularly strong inherent level of intuition.

While this quality of institution might well sound like a wonderful gift to have in the eyes of others, it can be somewhat confusing and at times quite worrying to be able to experience the feelings of other people.

One method that the April 20 can adopt in order to gain the most benefit from such a gift for intuition is to acquire a set of quality tarot cards. Utilizing these, you can tune your ability to understand and control your emotional insight and this will improve over time through training and practice.

Some April 20 birthdays are influenced by the fixed star Mirach. This star is one of the three brightest starts in the Andromeda system and, it was said to bequeath that of great beauty and artistic appreciation.

Irrespective of whether or not your birth time leans either way toward that of Taurus or Aries, your April 20 is an industrious birthday endowed with a great deal of energy and with numerous changes of your life’s course.

The minerals of Emerald and citrine are gemstones that hold particular relationship to the April 20 birth date.

On the home front, the April 20 may take particular enjoyment in the perusal and study of home interior design magazines prior to deciding and finalizing as to what you want to do in your home.

When making selections and decisions you should give equal attention between that which attracts your eye, and to that which appeals to your other inherent senses.

As an April 20 birth date you have an inherent talent for discovering new ideas and applications for old principles. With this quality you may find it of great and satisfy pleasure in the doing up of an older home. The restructuring of walls for example for the purposes of creating expanded areas.

Generally as an April 20 you will love and appreciate the beauty of flowers. You should consider therefore positioning flowers or floral pieces in rooms throughout your home.

In the arena of relaxation the April 20 can derive great benefit from an exercise room or a place within or about your property where you can stretch, exercise and unwind. You might like to include some music facilities for dancing and aerobic activities, and mirrors so you can admire your progress.

On the outdoors scenario, those of the April 20 birth date are likely to find peace and relaxation by just walking in a park or around the backyard or garden. By nature the April 20 loves nature activities and will take great pleasure in being in the environment of woodlands, fields, mountains, and parks.

Take the time to watch nature in its natural environment. Watch the ducks in a pond or stream surrounded by weeping willow trees. See the baby ducks trail in a perfect row as the follow their mother or, skid some stones across the surface of the water. Engagement in such like activities will help to renew your energies.

In your garden consider flower complimentary to your birth sign such as geraniums and zinnias for example.

If you live in the city then you could find great interest and pleasure in maintaining and tending plants within window boxes.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 3

The twentieth day of the fourth month reduces to six, and the number six is a number that represents that of balance, symmetry, and the intrinsic beauty in that of synchronized opposites.

This day’s path calls forth the ability to see how things fit together in life and the fundamental correctness of divine order in the great scheme of things.

When one is truly complete there is a balancing relationship between that of an individual and the universe.

The 111th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds the influence of normal development to your sense of how things inter-relate and fit together.