April 2 Birthday






The Astro1o Interpretation

Many people born this day of April 2 Aries are blessed with a tremendous measure of power that can guide them up the ladder of success until they reach that desired height of success. Such achievement in itself may not prove to be enough for the April 2 since you are a personality who continually desires to challenge life and enjoy the action of being challenged in return.

As an April 2 you can find that critical events that occur in your life can arise when you endeavor to utilize older methodologies in order to deal with new problems and situations that will confront you. You must continually endeavor to gain more and more education and knowledge  to apply to your projects, concepts and ideas because if not, you efforts can prove unsuccessful failures.

It is essential that seek out the sources for the specific knowledge and education that you will need in order to progress to each step of your development. Approach your life with courage but don’t overlook humility and, never let pride or impatience stand in the way of your progress in life. Whatever vocation you may decide upon you will bring intuition and energy to both your work and your life.

There are aspects to the April 2 birth date that are considered to associate medicine and medical related skills and, irrespective of whether or not you pursue a medical career.

There will be times when you find yourself faced with choices between two options both of which appear to hold equal merit. While it can be very nice for you as a April 2 to have so many choices and interests in life there is the disadvantage that you can find it hard to make decisions whether they be of importance or trivial.

There is one technique that you can apply when faced with such a situation and, you are just unable come up with a conclusion. Try the tossing of a coin, if nothing else it will take your need for a decision away and out of your hands.

The April 2 birthday will often tend to have a wide range of hobbies and, for many, somewhat unusual hobbies. This aspect of your character arises as result, of you’re being unable to say no to the many possibilities that come your way in life. Apart from the more usual types of pets such as cats or dogs you are likely to take a keen interest in the more unusual creatures and, in particular the insect world.

On the romance front, the qualities of the April 2 birth date provide for an exceptional day for those who wish to attract numerous partners.

You should endeavor to keep up your energies through some form of physical exercise and mental stimulation. This is because you are not the most patience of people and will often hold the feeling that life is moving too slowly for you.

Consider some active sporting activities such as martial arts or climbing and, golf that may prove to be an excellent way for you to relax.

On you home front you should endeavor to adopt a layout that allows for clear open spaces and easily moveable furniture of clear-cut simple design.. Some furniture that can be easily moved around such as some light casual chairs could be ideal for you.

An image for April 2 is that of an upturned blue triangle that is implanted in gold. Try to fix this image in your mind, as it will help you distinguish that which is on the path of your true mission in life and, that which is not.

Whether you are a male or a female, as an April 2 birthday you will have mechanical ability and one who will acquire whatever tools are necessary for a particular job.

In your outdoors scenario you are likely take pleasure in having either a tool shed or work area incorporated within your garage space.

In your garden or back yard a decorative fence made from iron would appeal to you, as would a low scrolled wrought iron fence system surrounding the garden beds. Red and yellow flowers in the garden beds are colors that will appeal to those of April 2-birth date.

Your special magic numbers are: 6 and 3.

The second day of the fourth month reduces to six, and the number six represents that of balanced polarities.

You seem a contradiction to your family and friends and, you are capable of an enigmatic, carefree indifference that causes some to label you eccentric. But your homing instincts are keen and your course true, no matter how haphazard it may appear to others. You are driven by a burning desire for freedom.

The ninety-third day of the year reduces to three, and the number three contributes the essence of pure expression to your boundless exuberance.

Listen to soaring melodies, which will lift your spirits. Lift your own voice in song and transcend the moment.

Study the patterns and behavior of migratory fowl and homing pigeons.

Red and green jasper will connect you to the earth.