April 19 Birthday


YOUR SIGNS – Aries/ Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Mars, Sun, Moon

The Astrological Interpretation

The April 19 Aries birth date is sited on the cusp of the two astrological signs of Aries the Ram and Taurus the Bull.

Aries and Taurus represent two-horned animals that together, represent the relationship between that of thought and, the material production of such thoughts and ideas into the realities of life.

As an April 19, your future involves synthesis, assimilation, alignment, and unification. Aries the Ram has a very forceful fiery will, so that as an April 19, you will need to develop your ability in order to make the right evaluation of how you can impart your will into your surrounding material and physical world.

It is important for you that you become able to combine the attributes of both the Aries enthusiasm and the Taurus persistence and tenacity into a singular focus that in turn, will allow you to convert your dreams, thoughts, ideas and aspirations into practical realities in your every-day life.

There are times when you may feel that you are being constrained by the more material aspects of your life and, that your inner sense of freedom of will is being restricted by the pressure of your every day responsibilities.

This is not uncommon for the April 19 birth date since you are effectively progressing from a somewhat wild and unrestricted arena of concepts and ideas into an arena where such concepts can be instigated and established in the real world.

By concentrating and focusing your energy, you can have the powerful combination of the elements being the Taurus persistence and tenacity plus the exceptional enthusiasm and drive of the Aries.

April 19 is a very practical individual who is unlikely to take any interest in the unproven, or the wide-ranging more mystical areas of astrology or fortune telling etc. Generally, the April 19 will only favor, and take interest in, anything that is factually material. It is unlikely therefore that they would take any interest in the material contained within these writing.

The April 19 birth date can also favor you with an inherent ability to extend sound and inspirational advice to others. When in your best form, your example projects out like a beacon to those around you.

Your work and vocation are of particular importance in your life and by nature, you are very likely to be the employer rather than the employee.

The “Emperor” card in the tarot can indicate a rather disciplined and firm-of-mind sort of person. This can indicate that the April 19 may well be a very stern and determined individual in their work arena.

A further influence of this day identifies that the April 19 can often have difficulty in recognizing when enough-is-enough at work and, that it is time to break off, to go home, or retire for some rest and relaxation.

Sound and hearing is an important factor for those of the April 19 birthday. Music can be a great joy in your life whether you are singing or humming to yourself or attending a concert, listening to recordings or, absorbing the combined voices and tones of a choir. Listen to sacred music or enjoy a children’s choir; their voices can lift the spirit like a choir of angels.

Dress-wise, the April 19 will favor a somewhat casual and sporting style although not to the extent of flamboyancy. Some slight touches of muted red or apricot in your dress are colors for you.

On the home front, the April 19 likes a spacey but comfortable environment Quality clean-cut angular wooden furniture can be of great appeal to you, and add a selection of large plushy pillows in which to lounge back in at the end of the day.

Your décor should provide for a bright and airy atmosphere with lighter wall color tones. Some decorative or functional items in metal around the house will cater for your Arian qualities. Some wrought iron pieces, whether within, or out in the garden, is a material of particular association with the Arian.

In your out doors scenario, April 19 tends to favor scenes and views of hills, mountains and the sea. In the garden, you may well take considerable pleasure in the cultivation of vegetables crops or impressive flowers. Pink, yellow and red flowers are colors for your eye.

Endeavor to incorporate some area for play i.e. ball play activities to burn of your excessive energy and, of course, a barbecue is pretty much a must for April 19 to cater for you keen outdoor cooking talents. For apartment dweller, flower boxes or pots and/or a herb garden, can fulfill you horticultural impulses.

Your special magic numbers are: 5 and 2

The nineteenth day of the fourth month reduces to five, and the number five signifies the way or methodology by which something is accomplished.

The 110th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds the symbolism of perfect reflection of the divine to your aspirations.

To settle your inexhaustible spirit, consider acquiring and carrying a piece of amber (preferably set in a silver mounting) about with you.