April 18 Birthday


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YOUR RULERS – Mars, Jupiter

The Astrological Interpretation

The April 18 Aries birth date identifies with a person who has a forceful willpower and drive. They are one who relishes and derives great joy from competition and for April 18, winning is always the ultimate objective. This competitive aspect of your nature will apply both in your physical and mental activities.

The April 18 birth date also identifies you as a deep thinker, and this quality is a part of your nature of which you are aware.

It is of importance for you to strive to continually cultivate and expand your mind and mental horizons. To achieve this, you may well consider entering into some form of study or learning arena that involves truth-seeking or spiritual discipline. Such study will allow you to expand your understanding of this aspect of both yourself and your nature.

For those who may already be involved in this arena, you should endeavor to continue with this aspect of your personal development irrespective of any obstacles or diversionary temptations that may arise.

Endeavor to recognize and utilize the inner voice that you sense within. It is not a voice of words but a communication by way of an awareness that arises through your intuition.

This is a voice of communication or understanding that can arise as a result of peaceful meditation and contemplation. You should give some time therefore to retiring to a quite and peaceful environment in order to cultivate and allow that aspect of your make-up to operate.

The April 18 loves to play practical jokes on those around them and, this aspect of your nature relates to the “Fool” card in the tarot, a card that has very close associations with this particular day.

As an April 18 Aries you do have, in common with others of the Aries sign, a very fiery nature.

This aspect of your nature does need to be some what disciplined at times and, in order to achieve this, you might like to consider taking an active interest in an activity involving a combination meditative and physical activity. This could take the form of engaging in Martial Arts, judo, Kendo, Kick Boxing or golf for example. Activities, that call for deep thought, discipline and physical exercise.

April 18’s love food and will often favor meat dishes that, more often than not, are highly flavored with spicy herbs. A well-cooked peppered steak could well rank among your most favored dishes. You should take some caution in over indulging in such favorite dishes because there is the possibility that you could be prone to circulatory problems and, in this case, you might be wise to consider a variation in your diet. An alternative might be to increasing your vegetable intake, and to heavily flavor up those vegetables through the application of generous amounts spices to satisfy your pallet.

On the home front, an uncluttered and spacey environment is for you. Some quality well designed furniture pieces will appeal to the April 18 compared to an abundance of lesser quality pieces around the home. Fresh air and light is important to you so plenty of window areas to allow in the sunlight will comfort your well-being. Touches of cherry red or tangerine within your home furnishings or decor will complement with your Aries character.

With your love and appreciation of nature you can incorporate that atmosphere within your home though the media of houseplants and succulents positioned in areas in which you can watch them develop and grow. The process of growth can provide a steadying influence in your life.

With the Aries association with the metal iron you may well like to incorporate some metal items or furnishings within your home. These might take to form decorative iron/metal items, wrought iron fencing in the garden or a bed with metal frame. In the bedroom, to offset the iron of the bed, add plenty of softness in the form of plush pillows and pastel shade bedding.

In your out doors scenario, April 18 enjoys the views of hills, mountains and the sea. In the garden, with your particular April 18 talent for horticulture, you may well derive great pleasure through the growing exceptional vegetables crops or impressive flowers.

For apartment dweller, an herb garden can fulfill you horticultural impulses. The growing of herbs such as basil, ginger, and garlic for example will not only fulfill such impulses but also provide some of those savory spices you love so much on you food.

Your special magic numbers are: 4 and 10

The eighteenth day of the fourth month reduces to four, and the number four is the number of abstract reason.

This day embodies the quest for spiritual independence. Your inner senses tell you that the on-the-surface and short-lived pleasures cannot be your guide for long lasting values. What is to give meaning and motivation to your life must be by reason of your highest aspirations

The 109th day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten adds in you an inborn sense of the outcome of a situation once events are set into progress.

Acquire some Amber and Azurite, as these are gemstones that provide a calming influence to those of April 18-birth date.