April 15 Birthday


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YOUR RULERS – Mars, Jupiter

The Astrological Interpretation

As an April 15 Aries there are really no limits to your ambition in life. Because you have the drive, the ambition, and you are fully prepared to work very hard and long in order to achieve your success, there is no reason why you cannot achieve your goals and fulfill your desires to aspire to the peak of your chosen vocation.

A representation for the April 15 birth date is that of the “Horn of Plenty”, a goat’s horn overflowing with fruit, flowers, and grain, that signifies prosperity. You have a mind that is filled with creative ideas and concepts that you are keen to see come into physical reality.

Your problem is however, that in keeping with others of the Aries sign, if you don’t take the time to pre-plan and establish a clear-cut sense of direction for your ideas and projects, then you can face a rapid collapse and failure to achieve them.

In respect of activities of a business nature there could even be more serious ramifications and come backs on yourself and others should you fail to accomplish a successful result.

It is essential that you learn to take the time, to sit back in order to evaluate the true and real practical value and worth of each of your numerous ideas and concepts. In this way you can eliminate and dismiss those that, although initially appealing, prove, after thorough study and investigation to be impractical or unworkable or, have a lesser or no chance of success whatsoever.

In more simple terms you must cultivate you mental discipline and learn to carefully think through each of your many projects to its proper conclusion.

In order to gain the attention, co-operation and support of others you must learn how to give and to unite your energies and your time and your resources in tandem and co-operation with others.

As an April 15 Aries birth date you are probably aware that there is one aspect of your personality whereby you can be very quick to turn on to something or, even somebody.

Alternatively, you can also, just as quickly turn off something or some one when your initial bout of enthusiasm has waned or worn off. Endeavor therefore to develop an attitude of detachment when considering something or some one and, avoid becoming obsessive in such matters.

Confidence in itself is a major positive factor in life, but take care that your belief in your own sound judgment and expertise in all matters can project the image to others that you are extremely opinionated. You can simply counter this but holding back and thinking before you speak out.

Whatever age in life the April 15 Aries will have the ability to take a somewhat youthful outlook on the world around them. Children can be attracted to this quality. Your exuberant nature will probably see you engaged in exciting activities during you free time. Mechanical sports or machines fit with your nature so, a high-powered motorbike, jet ski or boat will not be out of the question in your garage.

On the home front, the April 15 will enjoy owning a well-designed house, with plenty of light and geometric design and, preferably facing north and east. Northeast can be a fortunate location for you

Your furniture will be well designed but functional furniture. Some luxurious covered pillows around the home will also appeal since, as you are likely to have a considerable interest in literature and reading, they will provide for a comfortable lazy lay-back environment. Include some touches of reds and yellows in your furnishings or décor to satisfy your Aries nature.

In the outdoor scenario, the April 15 would find particular enjoyment from a rural setting and perhaps somewhere where horses can be owned or be seen. It is very likely that as an April 15 you could have a particular love for the magnificence of these animals and hold an affinity with their strength. While the horse may represent strength then its strength has to be controlled in order that it can be productive.

Your special magic numbers are: 10 and 7.

The fifteenth day of the fourth month reduces to ten, and the number ten adds the influence of perfect completion of a cycle of expression, a feeling of mastery or dominion between cycles.

Born on this day, you are imminently resourceful and have a flair for seeing potentials and alternatives in every situation, and then adjusting circumstances for the perfect outcome for that moment. You also possess the ability to really know yourself, inwardly and outwardly. You love things with dials and gauges, lots of options for settings. Curl up with your remote in a high-tech recliner, and surf your satellite for the perfect, stimulating program for the moment.

The 106th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven adds the quality of victorious achievement, enabling you to savor the cycles of accomplishment.

The gemstones of Sodalite and Jade will hell to focus your mind and, if you want to give your energies a boost, acquire a ring of white gold with a thin border of yellow gold around the edge.