April 14 Birthday


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YOUR RULERS – Mars, Jupiter

The Astrological Interpretation

The April 14 Aries nature inherits a mind that is very active, positive, highly creative and extremely visionary. It is forever conjuring up, and bringing forth images of your desires and aspirations.

Under this positive side of your nature you are an extremely intuitive person who will tend to have some very suggestive and inspiring dreams. You do however, also come under and be affected by the lunar energy influences of the moon. On these occasions therefore, you can experience fits of depression, anxiety and irritability.

In the main, life for the April 14 Aries is one forever filled with new and exciting possibilities.

By your nature you are one who enjoys being the sole director of your projects and activities. In this respect, there is also another aspect of your makeup whereby you will literally suddenly chop-and-change the elements of a project, undertaking or activity, often without any due consideration or consultation with others involved.

In some respects this can make you a very interesting and somewhat exciting person to work, or be involved with.

However, you must give deep thought to your planned actions because you will find that not all around you will find your rapid changes in direction so acceptable or easy to handle.

April 14 does have that tremendous charisma to inspire, to captivate and generate an enthusiastic response from most audiences.

However, irrespective of however important you feel your actions to be, if you start to chop and change directions to rapidly you risk the possibility of completely losing the support of those involved. On these occasions the April 14 can become, if only temporarily, very depressed with feelings of being deserted and abandoned.

You must take to heart that if you wish to lead, then you also have a responsibility to others. You must make every effort to ensure your plans and  projects are at a finite stage of planning in order that you can proceed without changes that will confuse and irritate others involved.

This does not infer that you should lose your creativity, spontaneity or drive. Just that you slow down to take the time to think through and plan out your project through to its final desired results.

The April 14 birth date represents a combination of inspiration and expectation. You are a person who has very strong beliefs and ideals and, this can even be to the point that you appear to be somewhat dictatorial in expressing them. Even so, there will be some, who even if in opposition to you, will gain some inspiration and expectations for their endeavors.

On your home front, the April 14 enjoys being surrounded by attractive things to the extent that, what some folk might view as excessive in taste for luxury is, in your view, something that is considerably more subtle and modest.

What will be apparent to others who take the time to study your things, is that, in the main, most will be of particularly fine quality.

Quality is something that will always appeal to the April 14 birth date boy or girl.

April 14 is one who will appreciate space, therefore it is likely that given the opportunity you will favor a home that offers plenty of clear space and light in your rooms.

With a your certain appreciation for mechanical things, a Billiard table would not be out of place in your home nor would a Juke Box or in home visual/audio entertainment unit to cater for your appreciation for music. Your home may be a center for like-minded people. A collection of casual chairs on the porch could he the place to discuss projects.

In your outdoors scenario, gardening can be an opportunity for April 14 to express their creative talents.  To you, your garden is as much a work of art as it is of nature, and you are likely to go to great lengths in order to establish a sense of balance and proportion throughout the garden, even to the point of ensuring the harmony of color and fragrance of plants.

As an April 14 birth date, roses are likely to become a major feature in your garden. Make sure you have a good selection reds and yellows.

Your special magic numbers are: 9 and 6.

The fourteenth day of the fourth month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents that of completion and attainment.

This day creates the elements of enthusiasm and generosity. Your own generosity of spirit seems to attract good fortune into your own life. You are one who loves to give and to receive gifts so utilize colorful wrapping papers, bright bows, and ribbons of reds, blues, and greens. Why not send some flowers to yourself at times?

The 105th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six adds the qualities of harmonizing activities, balance, and loving openness to your generosity.

Ruby, Sapphire, and Peridot will act in an inspirational way for you.