April 1 Birthday






Astrological Birthday Features

The sign of Aries, the youngest and the first of the signs in the zodiac, associates with that of the very beginning. As an April 1 Aries birth date, you one who can effortlessly bring to any project, idea or concept a massive burst of drive and energy. Your problem is however, that you can quite easily lose your enthusiasm and interest and turn off to move into some other new concept that has taken your fancy.

While this is not an unusual trait for those of the sign of Aries, your particular birth date of April 1 does incorporate the character for “preparation” and, it will be up to you to acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to enable you to fulfill your aims and ambitions in life.

Another quality of those born on this day of April 1 is that, unlike the Aries sign character in general, you can be somewhat uncommonly passive. To counteract this passive aspect of your nature try including a touch of red color in your clothing as it should increase your confidence in yourself and, encourage you to take up the initiative in affairs.

Throughout your life you will discover that various aspects of your life will need to be perfected. Be it knowledge, love, or willpower, they will rotate in cycles and, at the appropriate times you will need to seek out by study course or whatever to obtain the knowledge you need.

If its willpower then you should undertake a task or responsibility that will involve some strong self-discipline and, persevere to see things through to a successful conclusion.

Where it involves love and romance then endeavor broaden up and become more open in your communication with that special one in your life.

Due to a particular relationship between the April 1 day and the tarot card “Hierophant” there is every likelihood that you will be inclined toward an interest in matters of a spiritual nature and, your religious interests can be very comprehensive and diverse.

As an April 1 birth date you have a philosophical desire for freedom and, you have a very strong will power to conduct your life in your own way. Such characteristics lead you to go forth, both physically and mentally, to enjoy life and, to forever investigate and explore new horizons.

Another aspect of this birth date is that you are an extremely generous person and, this part of your character is most likely to become apparent through your readiness to listen to the problems of other folk and, to spend your time with them when they are in need of assistance, counsel and company.

Do remember however, that while this unselfish aspect of your nature may be admirable, you must take the time to look to your own needs in life.

On the home front, your home furnishing and décor will generally tend to reflect the individuality quality of you sign of Aries and, this might take the form of furniture pieces around the home that are somewhat unusual for that particular area. Incorporate some circle shapes in your décor or furnishing because circle shapes can be lucky for you.

Round glass tables and polished wood floors are consistent with your nature for a home environment that is light and bright. Add some landscapes picture of rural scenes upon your walls and, and some small containers of quartz crystals will help to maintain your regular energy flows.

As an April 1 birth date you will enjoy the outdoor life and, of particular appeal to one of your nature, sitting high up on a hillside in order to watch the sunrise or sunsets and, the activities of the bird life at these times. In your garden a wooden bench or seat sited beneath a spread of tree foliage will be a perfect setting to contemplate your plans and projects or, for simple relaxation. You might consider some form of lawn game that includes the use of balls because Aries April 1 finds knocking balls around of particular appeal. Golf might be a very good game for you.

Your special magic number are; 5 and 2

The first day of the fourth month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of organization and process together with the rule of order that progresses from the theoretical law of the number four.

This April 1 day associates with the development of substantial but impersonal ego. In this respect, those of April 1 birth date will find themselves inspired by forms ceremony i.e. initiation or inauguration type occasions.

Put yourself forward for the chairmanship or presidency of any organizations you may be involved with. then observe and learn from the reactions of others to your administration because you can have the capability of unknowingly giving offence at times.

Try to remember, that all work and no play can make Jack a dull boy so, endeavor to achieve balance in life and devote some of your time to fun and enjoyment.

The ninety-second day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds the value of dependence on a higher order for inspiration.

To enhance your personal resolve acquire some pieces of red jasper or fire agate.