Apple tree – Meaning of Dream


If during the dream you saw an apple tree, you need to remember whether it was covered with fruits or bare and dry; whether it had the green foliage or was covered a variety of inflorescences. It is important for the interpretation of your dreams.

What if you see an apple tree in bloom? Usually it portends very good news. Be ready to receive glad news which will make encourage you.

Generally apple tree, like any other tree symbolizes family and close relationship. You must treat older generation with care and respect, even if you sometimes it seems that their morals principles are outdated.

The more fruit you see on the tree, the better, especially if it is ripe and juicy. To see such a dream for a young woman means imminent marriage. It will be built on love and will have material wellbeing.

If you dreamed of an apple tree that looks unhealthy it is a bad sign. It is possible that you will have a difficult period in life. This could mean professional problems, illnesses and accidents. This dream may warn of trouble with money.

If you cut down an apple tree in the dream it is a very bad sign. You destroyed the life of the plant, and maybe in reality, you will also encounter death. Do not be afraid: you are warned so be alert, and then everything will pass you by.

If you see apples on the apple tree eaten by worms it is a bad sign. This indicates insincerity in relationships with people, with friends and beloved one. This dream can also mean a quarrel because of a lack of funds.

Apple tree is a symbol of joy and death, loss and wealth. Multiple meanings ​​of apple tree Vanga explains as it depends on details.

So if you dream of apple tree, which smells good and in blossom – it’s a good sign. It means that soon a dreamer will receive good news of upcoming events. This will be the reason to recall the best features of own character. Therefore, this period of life will pass in complete comfort, harmony, with calm and peaceful soul.

When, on the contrary, you see a withered apple tree it can be considered as a bad sign. Vanga said it is a symbol of losing friends. This will leave a permanent mark on your soul and heart.

If you dream of apple tree with fruits, which you cut in the dream, it means fast separation and parting. Unfortunately, this person is not your destiny and you meant to be together with somebody else. Therefore, despite the fact that your relations were good before, now it is time for it to finish, sooner or later everything comes to an end.

Therefore, dream book of Vanga has so many meanings of an apple tree. After all, there are a lot of explanations of this dream; you just only need to find the right one, which will accurately describe it.



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