Apologize – Meaning of Dream


The meaning of a night vision when a dreamer asks for forgiveness is based primarily on the fact for what he/she apologizes. Therefore it is necessary to recall whether he/she apologized for already committed or not committed action. It is also significant to remember the exact way of the apologizing.

According to Miller, if a dreamer apologizes for an action which he/she didn’t commit, it is a sign that a person will be worried about the state of affairs, but eventually everything will develop favorably.

If you ask forgiveness for a committed action, then soon you will successfully manage the confusing affair. Another prediction from Miller states that a dreamer will enjoy the foreseeable prosperity after several big failures.

In Islamic dream book, if someone apologizes to you, this dream bodes that all your sins will be forgiven.

If you apologize to your friend in a dream, you will soon quarrel with him in reality. The dream about apologizing to your enemy signals of reconciliation. If you dream of a fellow man asking your forgiveness, the dream advises to stay away from this person.

According to the old French dream book, if you were forgiven for everything – you will have an improvement in business.

A stranger asking someone’s forgiveness predicts that soon you will have to reconcile the friends who are at loggerheads.

If someone apologizes and you forgive this person – you will have favorable changes in life. In case you didn’t forgive that person, there is a risk to ruin relations with relatives.

Also a dream about apologizing states that various kinds of thought and worries disturb you all the time.

If your prodigal husband asks for forgiveness, it’s a harbinger of futile worries, as well as a sign that the fears were unfounded – everything will be good. If the children were asking for pardon, this is a good sign promising an increase in the authority and offering a responsible urgent deal.

If you forgive someone who offended you, in reality you will commit a good deed, in spite of your personal benefits. If you didn’t forgive your offender – you will repent for past actions and lose hope for soon marriage.

If you were not forgiven – get ready for the upcoming troubles; and if you were forgiven – get ready for happiness and prosperity.

Try to consider several interpretations of this dream, and find the most suitable for you, because the interpretation can be both positive and negative; however, in any case, do not be upset, ponder over the interpretation and behave with caution these days.



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