Apathy – Meaning of Dream


To understand what apathy means in a dream, it is necessary to relate to the situation which is happening with you in real life.

If you dream that you express apathy in making decisions, it means that you have to beware of people, who try to impose their views on you.  

Apathy towards everything what is going on around portends rapid changes that will affect the rest of your life. Apathy in a dream in reference to important matter in real life means that you need to pay attention to your assistants and companions in business, maybe they are unhappy with the current situation.

If you experience apathy in a stressful situation, such as in an accident, then there is nothing wrong, you just have to be more attentive to what is happening with you, maybe something important is passing you by.

Apathy towards work in a dream means that you really need to change your job, or at least take a day off.

A dream in which apathy is expressed in relation to a loved one, doesn’t means anything bad, you just have to listen to your partner more often and pay a little more attention than usual.

If apathy is demonstrated by someone whose decision is important for you, it means that you need to reconsider your views in life.

There are dreams, the meaning of which is hard to understand without a dream book, and without a help of professionals. In fact, dreaming of apathy is a rare phenomenon, so it is quite difficult to interpret the meaning of this dream. In ordinary dream books it is impossible to find the meaning of this dream, because it’s hard to compare with such dreams as betrayal, separation, offense and death. The interpretation of this dream is based on proven personal observations. Dreams about apathy can cause some anxiety, confusion and worries.



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