Anticipation – Meaning of Dream


It is known that anticipation or waiting for someone or something is an integral part of life. So if in a dream you have to wait, there is nothing surprising, it is a normal reaction.

Anticipating is experiencing emotional feeling, even when dreaming. Thus, if in a dream you wait for exam results or decisions of your superiors, this dream bodes some kind of uncertainty, so you need to try to find a wise decision of problems. To be more precise, this dream may foretell confusion, doubt, and originality.

If you anticipate a meeting with close relatives or people whom you didn’t see for a long time, this dream promises excitement.

If a person is late for work and makes everyone wait, this dream foretells an exciting journey with a ladylove. Only in this case, he should not be late, it is better to prepare in advance.

If a woman sees herself as a latecomer, the dream promises carefree existence, as all financial and material problems will be solved by her lover. If you are late for work and you wait for transport, which is delayed, in reality you will experience a slight temptation.

If you anticipate some momentous events, this is a sign of foreseeable encounter with ill-wishers and envious people.

Waiting for a girlfriend and experiencing anxiety and fear portends the solution of recently appeared problems. Sometimes, the anticipation of the meeting is interpreted as a fact that a dreamer feels the need of intimate relations.

Anticipating the verdict of the court, or a letter (paper), states that a person has reasonable fears for own life, and in reality there might be a real threat. If you wait for the night to come in order to perform some actions, the dream states that your intentions are not destined to be effectuated.

If you stay at home and anticipate the arrival of an important guest, regularly looking at the front door or window, this dream forebodes that your desires and plans will not be fulfilled.

Making others wait for you in a dream suggests alarming situation. In this case it is necessary to show goodwill and patience, and then all worries will be groundless and will soon disappear.

Often long and tedious anticipation is dreamed by young girls. If a lady is currently thinking of a boy, the subconscious mind continues to give her signals even in dreams. After all, waiting for a boy on a date for a young lady is always agonizing. Therefore, if she happened to experience this feeling, the dream foretells the favorable outcome. For example, if in a dream a young man was late for a date – in reality he will not do the same.

If your anticipation in a dream was just a wasted time and you experienced disappointment and chagrin – the dream promises real joy in life.

Particular attention should be paid to the result of anticipation. If you experienced the sense of remorse for your tardiness, in reality you will be appraised by a manager. If you waited for someone, but this person didn’t come to the meeting, this dream promises good relationship.

If your anticipation was unsuccessful, the dream states that you need to wait for the time when your work, achievements and efforts will be appraised.



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