Angina – Meaning of Dream


To suffer from angina in your dream means to have lack of positive emotions, you will suffer from boredom. If you have a chance to have fun – use it. Do not postpone it for latter. You need to entertain yourself now. This dream means that now in your life is a period of stagnation.

In case that somebody else is sick with angina in your dream, in real life the disease will cause you troubles. It will not be necessary this disease, but you have to be ready.

In a dream you treat somebody with medicine from angina, this dream means that you feel guilty towards this person. You did something and now you regret about it, but your pride doesn’t allow you to accept the situation. Try not to be led by your pride and then everything will be good.

If you feel symptoms of angina disease in your dream, it means that most likely you express dislike towards your present place of work. Perhaps, your colleagues make jokes of you, and you are unable to answer them.

In a dream you see yourself sick with angina, but whatever you try for treatment nothing helps you – this is a symbol of your soulful loneliness. You need a sincere talk with a friend, this will ease your life and remove load off your mind. You suffer, but you hesitate to express your point of view. In reality nothing is as difficult as it seems.



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