Anger – Meaning of Dream


Anger, which appears in a dream, is always a harbinger of negative events, and failures. Feeling of anger in a dream is peculiar to people, who dam up their feelings and do not give vent to them. It also tells that you can’t use the negative energy for your benefit.

If you dreamed of anger manifestation, but you remained indifferent, it states that in reality your feelings about your loved one are unfounded. Feeling of anger, experienced by you towards someone in your inner circle, portends explicit quarrel with this person because of your uncommunicative nature.

Often your quarrelsome disposition becomes a barrier for people who want to communicate with you more.

A dream, in which the anger was shown in relation to you, signifies of enemies among the best friends. Another interpretation of a dream states that in real life you have very careless attitude towards your duties. It is useless to wait for a positive change in life, without making any effort for the implementation of own plans.

If in a dream you get angry with a spouse, in fact after some verbal wrangling you’ll be amicable fellow-thinkers again.

A dream, in which a woman gets angry with someone she doesn’t know, foretells quarrels with the relatives of the older generation. If a man feels someone’s anger, in reality he will have to deal with slander. A dream about angry spouses promises unpleasant news.

A dream, in which anger does not give you peace of mind, calls for self-control, because your stubborn, quarrelsome nature contributes to the loss of friends.



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