They appear at the time and in the most unexpected way. Are willing to help and waiting anxious the search for them. So please don’t hesitate to activate them when you need them, because they are not always waiting for you, also to your family.

If you do not know the angels are messengers or intermediaries between the subtle dimensions (which in Spanish means ethereal or spiritual) and the material world. They are a bridge between these two planes. Their role is to help us find those things that will serve to transcend, as support when you are in difficult circumstances.

There are multiple hierarchies, ranging from the angels who are closer to the spiritual plane, such as the archangels, until those who are closest to us, such as the guardian angels. This does not mean that we cannot come into contact with the first. In fact, they are very pending to us.

It should be noted, that for each of the four elements, there is a class of angel that represents its function in specific. With the element of fire represent vital energy, the angels of this domain have to do with the fields of the passions, creativity, energy and beginnings. The archangel that corresponds to this element is: Miguel in orange color.

The element of water works for care and cleaning; belongs to this category: Gabriel, with the color blue.

The element of air gives tranquility, get away from fears and nerves. The archangel related with this element is Rafael, of yellow color. And the element of earth are those who gives force to keep persisting and struggling to reach what you want, hey focus on that you achieve your dreams. Which corresponds to this element is Uriel and its color is green.

It is important that you can keep them present, to be able to call them by their name and invoke them when needed or simply when you want, it is a way for them to comply with your orders. In addition, be willing to receive messages directly from them. Above all, in those times when you may need the help of them, call them so that you can deal with this difficulty, as at the time of exit and require protection and shelter for your life, work and family.

If you want to speak to them wait to be totally serene, invite the angels to talk with you, you can also imagine they are in front of you and establishing a conversation between both. Stay open and listening. Maybe at that moment there is no answer, but do not despair because it might be that will present in an unexpected form. You can also communicate with them while you draw or write.

Don’t wait anymore and activate your angels when you leave home to work, at home, in your life and family also. Understand that are created to the available to you, and are anxiously waiting to help you at all the time.