Anemia – Meaning of Dream


To suffer from anemia in a dream, means that you don’t have anything important in your life, which you would cherish. It is a reflection of your poverty.

Blood is a very ambiguous symbol. Different dream books interpret blood very differently, sometimes with diametrically opposite meanings. But if you analyze your dream in details you will be able to find a correct interpretation.

So if you see yourself in a hospital testing blood for anemia, you will have grueling, exhausting and not rewarding business. This dream is especially true if after the testing your arm continues bleeding.

If you dream of blood-stained clothes, it means that some of your close people can have a negative impact on your reputation.

Although, some dream books believe that blood tests in a dream, is a sign of good luck, promotion, the emergence of a strong patron, or unexpected assistance of a wealthy relative.

Blood symbolizes vitality, mental and physical energy. If you see blood coming out of the wound, it symbolizes a loss of vitality, health deterioration, weakness, and exhaustion. However, this is a result of a dream about dark and thick blood. If in the contrary, you dream of bright red blood, it promises health.

If in a dream you see yourself donating blood, this dream indicates deep feelings, care, and desire to help a loved one at any price. Donor is willing to sacrifice, and happy to share the most precious thing – life energy.

But if in a dream you see somebody taking your blood without your permission, it has very unfavorable meaning. It means that a person or a group of people has an intention to harm you, use your energy and give nothing in return.

Any dreams about blood are important and significant. So, you should not be afraid if you dream of anemia, this is not a terrible symbol. You only need to understand what it means exactly for you, because each developed personality has its own system of symbols and its understanding.



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