Anecdote – Meaning of Dream


Anecdote in a dream indicates a foolish concatenation of circumstances and comic situation in your life. If you are able to cope with these circumstances, because you also have a comic nature, then this period will not affect you. But, if you are worried of own reputation a lot and don’t like to be in comic situations, this period of life will be very difficult for you.

To hear a funny anecdote in your dream means that you will spend your time well in a company of people you love. This may be a trip not for a long distance, a party or just a walk in a city.

If an anecdote is raunchy, it means that you can get into trouble because of your futility. It is better to learn how to interact with people in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

For a lady, to hear an anecdote in the dream is a signal of entertainment with young people, who can use her. It is better to avoid such companies in the closest future, in order to stand secure and not to regret after all.

If you feel good while listening to an anecdote, in real life you will be happy as well, but don’t overdo with jokes directed to people you love, because that might not understand you, and get offended for a long time.

If in a dream you tell an anecdote and people around you don’t understand it, it means that your surroundings don’t consider you to be a serious person. Maybe this is because of your easy-going nature, or maybe because of a strange undertaking that you have started recently.

If a dream about anecdote is funny and ingenious, it means that you don’t have to wait for support from people with whom you have fun. In this case, you need to rely only on your power.

To tell anecdote is a sign of surprise, to listen to it means happiness.



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