Amulets and talismans and their meaning

People believe that amulets and talismans have qualities for the success of protection in everyday life. In their opinion, the fact that over the centuries mankind not only did not reject belief in cosmic forces and their influence on us, but, on the contrary, constantly deepened their knowledge on this issue, turned to talismans and amulets for help, says, at least at least about some of these ancient beliefs.

Are talismans and amulets the same thing? Already in ancient times, people admired the stars. For primitive civilizations, astrology was as important and serious science as history, physics or biology seems to us today. The inhabitants of ancient Babylon, Egypt or Persia believed that space, with its energy, affects all forms of life on Earth. It was they who created the first things that were supposed to accumulate this energy and transfer it to the owner or owner of a magical thing.

Amulets and talismans were made from a wide variety of metals and precious stones, as well as from the earth of grass, hair, sulfur, or cemeteries. These items were important both in everyday life and in the rituals of faith and worship. Ancient civilizations have disappeared, but the main religions of the world have absorbed their faith in objects and symbols with magical powers. For example, in Christianity it is still believed that protection from evil is provided by sacred paintings or the cross.

What is the difference between amulets and talismans?

These two terms are often confused and used interchangeably. This is mistake. Amulets and talismans are not identical. Amulets were created to protect their wearer from dark forces, spirits and all evil that he could face on his way. Amulets drew strength from the signs painted on them. Each amulet was designed for one specific purpose, protecting only that particular hazard. Udyat, the sacred eye of Horus, for example, is protected only from the evil glances of the gods.

Meanwhile, the task of talismans is to bring success to their owner. Their goal is to capture, collect and transmit cosmic energy. Thanks to this energy, a person had to succeed both in a general sense and in love or work, in his career. The power of talismans lay in the raw materials from which they were made, for example, into a certain stone or metal. Their range of action is wider, although, like amulets, talismans work best when their purpose is specific – for example, success among members of the opposite sex or success in gambling.

Magic amulets and talismans

Over the centuries, people have deepened their knowledge of magical amulets and talismans. Much of this knowledge is freely available today to anyone interested.

In particular, the creators of talismans and amulets realized the importance of characters drawn or engraved on them. The right brand can be successful, and a mistake can be disastrous. Constellation personifications, circles, images of the universe, geometric shapes (pentagram, Star of David) and other symbols had their own meanings – over time, people learned about them and began to use them.

The next important step is the selection of the material used to create the magic item. Different metals and stones were assigned to the signs of the zodiac – in ancient times it was believed that different materials accumulate different types of energy, so they are not universal and not suitable for everyone. People who are controlled from birth by different planets, stars and constellations need different energies, different stimuli and, therefore, different talismans.

The timing of the creation of the talisman or amulet was also important. Moon phase, time of day or year cannot be random. The most important were the so-called planetary clocks, which often timed the creation of a talisman or amulet. The clocks of the planets were associated with different radiation of celestial bodies at different times of the day. The planetary hour is equal to 1/12 of a day, it is associated with the travel of the Sun to the sky, and its length, of course, depends on the season.

The most powerful amulets and talismans

In addition to all these criteria, it was extremely important to correctly choose the most powerful amulet and talisman that would ideally suit its future owner. Therefore, making an amulet and a talisman with your own hands is a difficult and time-consuming job.

Despite all these difficulties, people still think that this is not a waste of time. Whether you believe in the magical powers of amulets and talismans is up to you. Just remember that if those who believe in the effects of cosmic energy are right, that energy also affects you, whether you believe it or not. Is it worth the risk?

No one remembers more why chimney sweeps or four-leaf clover are thought to be successful. But we will find these amulets and talismans in almost every society, at all times. Magic items are especially popular in certain groups or layers – for example, among players, sailors, or long-distance drivers.

Alligator paw

Alligator teeth and paws are talismans used in the southern United States to ensure success in gambling. We will often see locals with a hare paw instead of a key ring or in dojo (voodoo) baskets – along with a rattle, badger tooth, bat heart, nutmeg, various herbs and magnetite stone.

The alligator’s paw is a typical American amulet, as this animal is found only here. In other cultures, the alligator’s paw was not replaced by the paw of a crocodile or caiman, but in Thailand, the crocodile amulet was used to achieve success and enhance personal charm.

The alligator’s tooth, like the paw, is often found in dojo baskets. They are believed to bring success to players, like the teeth of other animals such as bears or badgers.

Chimneys and chimney sweeps

Meeting chimney sweeps on New Year’s Eve is a sign of special success, therefore people of this profession were often depicted on holiday New Year’s cards, songs were created about them. In Central Europe, the coming of the New Year was not mentioned and was considered a holiday until the 17th century. Sometimes people celebrated the New Year at Christmas. On the first day of the year, it was customary to welcome people who help take care of the house, household, but who do not serve it constantly, including chimney sweeps. In gratitude, the people of these “free professions” presented cards with wishes of happiness. Therefore, the chimney sweep’s consent on the first day of the year was considered a sign of success – especially if he received a postcard. Later, this belief expanded – it was believed that even pendants with the image of a person of this profession can bring success.

On old German, Austrian or Hungarian postcards, we often see fly agarics next to chimney sweeps. The chimney sweeps themselves are often depicted as children with golden hair, pulling symbols of happiness and success from a basket – a four-leaf clover, horseshoes full of wallets and fly agarics. In Central Europe, these beautiful but poisonous mushrooms were considered a symbol of success. Shamans from this region used fly agaric as hallucinogens in magical practices.

Box of wishes

Amulets called gau – wish boxes were common in Nepal and Tibet. These boxes, which originated in Egypt, were usually made of metal, such as polished brass. Inside were kept traditional amulets that were successful, such as the four-leaf clover, the key to the heart, the sun, the crescent moon, and other astrological symbols of happiness.

You can make a box of wishes yourself, for example, from paper or cardboard, and write your wish in it. These boxes, which only needed to be cut and glued, were widespread in stores around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when such items became extremely fashionable. However, you can also make a wish box yourself. Write your name, desire, doubts, and purpose on a piece of paper. Fold the sheet nicely. Squeeze it in the palm of your hand, close your eyes and repeat your wish in your mind. Hide the sheet in the box and do not remove it until the written wish is fulfilled.

Anchor and magic

An anchor, usually depicted with a rope, has many meanings, not necessarily related to magic. In infinitely rich Masonic symbolism, the anchor is often accompanied by a book and folded hands or hearts – all of these symbols represent the three biblical virtues: faith (book), hope (anchor), and love (heart or hands).

The amulet anchor is portable if you want to travel safely. The anchor was liked not only by sailors, but also by drivers. They also liked the anchor-shaped key chains that make the car a safe port.

The anchor has also been used in the Voodoo faith. Here he ensured not only a safe journey, but also a successful return home, which means loyalty and a happy family life. Vera Voodoo also produces anchor-shaped candles (or simple candles decorated with an anchor symbol) – these items provide stability in love relationships.


Even to this day, in the southern United States, lucky chestnuts can often be found in men’s trouser pockets. The magical doctrine of similarity states that natural talismans act on objects similar to themselves, so chestnuts resembling male testicles were supposed to guarantee potency for men.

In addition, chestnuts protect against rheumatism and headaches. According to Woodoo, pocket chestnuts were supposed to provide both financial and gambling success. In order for the chestnut to bring good luck to the playing cards, it was addressed in a special way – a hole was drilled in it, it was filled with mercury and wax.

Fangs for the athlete and the player

Badger teeth, especially canines, are also often used to increase their gambling success. The teeth of other animals can also bring success, but the badger has long been considered a special, totem animal. His teeth, clad in precious metals, were especially popular with athletes and gamblers in the 19th century.

Happiness oil

The belief that amulets and pendants can bring success, protect against evil, enhance the feeling of love is alive not only in folklore. In the southern part of the United States, people still believe in magical things, without which it is difficult to imagine the daily life of these people. These are oils, powders, and soaps used for bathing or cleaning floors, made from herbs and spices to ensure that their magic works. One such remedy is happiness oil, made with cinnamon, vanilla and umbrella marinade.

Four-leaf clover

Number 4 is considered extremely lucky. This number is associated with a square figure, symbolizing the four cardinal points, four winds, four seasons, four verses, four temperaments, four evangelists, four stages of life (childhood, adolescence, maturity, old age). Therefore, the rare four-leaf clover is one of the most popular amulets for success. When you find a four-leaf clover, dry it and carry it with you in your wallet. You can often see the four-leaf clover on coins and other good luck charms. You can also wear a metal or stone clover pendant or other jewelry.

Four-leaf clover is not the only one with magical powers. The five-leaf clover promises an upcoming marriage that should be very successful. Meanwhile, clover with even more leaves, fortunately, is extremely rare and predicts failure.

Arab amulets

Arab amulets should provide the person wearing them with the care and assistance of external forces – usually Allah or Muhammad. These amulets are worn daily, usually around the neck or arm, hidden under clothing. Amulets are usually made from jadeite or agate, semi-precious stones that are fairly easy to handle. This is especially important because calligraphic carved signs are the main element of Islamic amulets and talismans. Usually it is a fragment of the Qur’an or other religious text, cut out in complex handwriting. The oldest amulets were forged from silver (for men) or gold (for women). Also, silver carved amulets were made, reminiscent of European medallions. The main purpose of all these amulets is to protect the person wearing them.

Wedding gifts

You probably know that wedding anniversaries are called “raw materials” – from paper (first anniversary), cotton (second) to diamond (sixtieth). Traditionally, when congratulating people on this event, we give them items from the appropriate materials. Such gifts will bring happiness to spouses. It should be noted that the modern “gift list” is somewhat different from the traditional one. Therefore, on the occasion of the jubilee of paper, we donate not paper products, but watches, cotton – porcelain, leather (third) – crystal, wooden (fifth) – cutlery.

The most popular amulets and talismans

We understand perfectly well that you will not buy alligator paws or badger teeth in the store. So, at the end, here is a list of amulets and talismans that you can easily get or make yourself. Their performance may be slightly weaker, but we don’t have to deal with witches’ spells every day.

Eagle. The talisman in the shape of an eagle will give its owner dexterity, ingenuity, vigilance and wisdom, as well as protection from jealousy. A talisman made of gold works best.

Guardian angel. A powerful symbol that protects against all adversity. The best amulet and talisman should be made of wood.

Spider.  An amulet that helps with financial matters. The most powerful amulet and talisman must be made of silver.

Libra.  This amulet will help you properly assess the people you meet and make sure you are being judged correctly. The most reliable amulet is made of any precious metal – gold, silver, platinum or others.

Owl.  An extremely powerful talisman or amulet. The owl is the symbol of Athens, the goddess of wisdom. The owl amulet is ideal for people working in advertising and marketing – it helps to generate new ideas, protect them and successfully implement them.

Cornucopia.  This symbol will bring wealth to the owner of this amulet, as well as protection from unfair competition, suspicion or betrayal. In order for such an amulet to work in full force, it must receive gifts from a person close to you.

Dolphin.  An excellent protective talisman for those who travel by sea. Plus, the dolphin symbol will help you make your dreams come true.

Sword. This is an amulet that helps to solve the problems of law enforcement agencies. He will ensure that the decisions made are fair and honest. Amulets made of silver, platinum, steel or white gold are best suited.

Lizard. An amulet that helps with eye diseases. Made mostly of jadeite, adorned with emeralds or other green gemstones.

A lion. It is an amulet that protects against dangers while traveling and also helps prevent infectious diseases. The strongest effect is an amulet made of quartz or other yellow stone, as well as gold.

Moon.  A symbol of fertility, it also helps to fight inequality, hostility, physical aggression. Great for the elderly and young children. Usually made of silver.

Dove. It is a talisman that provides its owner with peace, happiness and stability in life, and also helps to avoid fire or lightning. Usually made from porcelain or ceramic. This talisman will protect not only a person, but also his home.

Fish.  An amulet that helps to achieve balance in life, and also gives strength to achieve goals. Silver amulets have the strongest effect.

The pyramid , like the triangle, has always been considered a symbol of divine power. It is believed that this amulet is best able to attract positive energy and also helps to focus.

Arrow. Those who wear this amulet will not be struck by any evil tongue. This sign will also help in the pursuit of power. The amulet only works if you received it as a gift.

Steering wheel. Helps prevent conflicts at home. Usually made of wood.

Magical creatures.  Amulets in the shape of elves, fairies, unicorns or other mystical creatures will bring happiness and peace to your home. Usually made from porcelain, clay or amber.

The sun.  Amulet associated with fertility, abundance, happiness, wealth. It is usually made from gold, as well as other gold or yellow metals and stones. The symbol of the Sun, hung on the front door or painted on the walls of the house, will bring happiness and wealth to any home.

Tiger. It is a powerful amulet that brings about a successful life. Tiger nails, worn as an amulet, help in matters of love and ensure a long, passionate life.