Amputation – Meaning of Dream


Amputation in a dream in most cases shows your weak spots, your vulnerability.

If in a dream you have your hand or leg amputated, it means that you might lose somebody who is very important for you.

To lose all limbs in a dream warns you about failures in business. You will not be successful in trading.

For a sailorman, a dream about amputation is a warning sign of possible storm.

The amputation of a leg most often means the dreamer’s disability to defend his/her personal point of view. If you see amputation of some part of a body with blood, this dream will cause malaise and bad health. Be careful; avoid sharp items and household injuries.

If you lose finger on your hand, this dream indicates your difficult period in communication with friends. They might even not help you, if you ask.

If parts of your body have been restored after amputation, it means that you will be able to defend your weak spots.

To see yourself doing amputation to your beloved one means that your relations may get disordered. Don not let your emotions ruin your happiness. Try to find the reason of your private problems and solve it together with your partner.

If you do amputation to somebody you don’t know, it is a sign that it is difficult for you to find common language with people around you.