Amnesia – Meaning of Dream


In a dream you have amnesia and you treat it in a hospital, it is a symbol that some unsolved deals from your past life will appear again.

In a dream you help your friend with amnesia disease, this dream means that your contribution to something will be unjustified, in vain and unprofitable.

If you communicate with someone who tries to get rid of amnesia, soon in critical situation you will understand who is your real friend.

The most favorable and easily understandable dream is when due to your amnesia you forgot about your luggage. This dream means getting rid of unnecessary obligations or relationships of outdated feelings. If you forgot your engagement ring and you don’t know where it is, this dream represents your secret desire to take a break in relationships or completely get rid of them.

If you forget a face of a person, it is easily explainable. The dream suggests that a person is not interesting for you, and you don’t need him/her in your life. However, this interpretation is not the only option. Perhaps, you feel that you forgot a face of a loved one, whom you have not seen for a long time. Another variant of the interpretation of this dream: an indication that a dreamer is mistaken about the nature and intentions of someone.

If in a dream you forget where you were going, it is a sign of the lack of order in the real life and misunderstanding in activity.

If you forget an address of your house, it is a desire to change life radically. A dream in which you forget your bag with documents and wallet, heralds a series of small failures, trouble.

In a dream, people usually forget things which they wanted to forget in reality, it means that desire to get rid of it. If you pay attention to the clues that your subconscious mind sends in dreams, you can clear your life from the accumulated mental and emotional debris.

These dreams represent the fears of people, rather ordinary and familiar to everybody. Such dreams don’t have any additional information; it is enough to understand the cause of the development of certain plot.

Therefore, a mother may dream that she forgets her child somewhere. This dream means that she is just very tired of maternal duties, and would like to have a little break from them.

A dream, in which you forget to get dressed and go out naked on the street or in a crowded room, indicates your independence from public opinion; or may presage an awkward situation and shameful acts.


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