Amnesia – A home remedy is a treatment to cure a disease



Amnesia is a condition in which memory is partially or fully lost. This loss of memory can be permanent or temporary. The temporary memory loss is generally referred as Amnesia. Amnesia can be classified into types – anterograde and retrograde. Anterograde patient is is unable to remember new events, and Retrograde causes a  patient  to forget the past events. Amnesia is most commonly found in old age. At times, a severe head injury, Trauma, Fall, physiological factors,  Hysteria, accidental damage to brain,  can also result in amnesia. There are a few home remedies which prove useful in treating amnesia. They help improve mental alertness and enhance the nervous system.

Home remedies for Amnesia

There are various herbs and herbal remedies to enhance the memory power as well as help patients recover from Amnesia

  • Tea prepared with Rosemary should be taken twice in a day
  • Soak 5-6 almonds in water and then keeo the overnight, and in the morning grind them and eat it OR you can have it without grinding as well.
  • Walnuts is another good memory enhancer.
  • Perennail booti is also helpful in curing forgetfulness. Dry about seven grams of this herb in a shady place. Grind it, along with seven kernels of almonds and half a gram of pepper. Add water to form a decoction. Strain the decoction and add twenty-five gm sugar. Drink this mixture, on an empty stomach, every morning,
  • Basil leaves are good memory enhancers. You can boil the leaves  and take the juice or consume leaves directly after washing them
  • An apple a day along with a spoon of honey is always the best remedy for most of the diseases.
  • Phosphorous rich diet should be taken, like cereals, pulses, yolk, fruit juices of grapes and oranges, nuts cow milk etc.

Many other routine things should be done to enhance memory. Lot of habit change, scheduled life can also help in same

  • Stop smoking , it greatly effects your memory power
  • Alcohol also effects on your memory power negatively
  • Do some small exercises of remembering things initially by noting them down and gradually trying to recall. Try remembering some things initially and then slowly pick up. It should be slow but gradual process.
  • Patients suffering from severe amnesia should be brought in to original surrounding to help them recall and remember things faster.