Amethyst – Meaning of Dream


To see an amethyst (well-known mineral) in a dream is a sign that you need to be honest in business. Only because of this feature you will be able to gain success. Now is not the time for manipulation, this method will not be profitable.

For a lady, to see the dream where she loses amethyst jewelry is a warning that her partner will not be very attentive. No matter, what she doesn’t, he still stays indifferent. Perhaps, he has to check him for betrayal, if so – it is time to break up.

To receive amethyst stone as a present from a stranger means that soon somebody will influence your life a lot.

To see many amethyst stones scattered on the ground is a reflection of numerous unfinished affairs.

If amethyst mineral shines in the sun, you will do everything that your surroundings want from you.

A dream where you see an amethyst jewelry means that somebody of opposite sex will pay close attention to you.

To see many amethyst stones is a sign that you will start an exciting journey. You need to change the environment and develop your inner qualities. No matter how much time it might take – this is the only way in your further life, if only you want to get rid of stagnation.

If amethyst cracks in your hands, it means that you will not be able to avoid separation from your partner.



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