Amazon (woman) – Meaning of Dream


If you dream of Amazon, it is a symbol of reflecting desire of freedom. For a man, such a dream is a signal for a possible new romantic appetence. This dream symbolizes power, passion and freedom. You can be vested with all these features, if only you show your desire and ability to control the situation. In particular, your boss will notice your will to move forward and get promoted, if only you try hard while coping with all tasks he gives you. If you are tired of boring private life, show your passionate nature and for sure your relationship will change. In any case, if you can’t reach harmony in your relations, you will receive freedom, which is also not bad.

If a horsewoman is riding a horse in your dream, it means that your partner might betray you. You will be disappointed in your partner. So, in this case, no need to hold on to him/her, and it is better to move on in your life with new feelings.

To be a horsewoman signals about long journey. Amazon is a sign of a trip. Now it is time to pack your stuff and change something at least starting from a primitive trip, which is the first step for a new life.

To fight with a horsewoman warns you about troubles which can happen with your folks. If friends ask you for help, don’t neglect to respond, your support is very important for them now.

To see a lot of Amazons means that your surrounding will be filled with ladies of such character.



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