Almsman – Meaning of Dream


Being poor in a dream can mean problems and difficulties, but also luck, finding peace and tranquility. If an almsman steals something from your home, it may herald a disease.

The poor wandering around can be a sign of humiliation and bad events. But if he passes you by in the street, the dream portends good life and unexpected benefits. If you see somebody fighting with the poor, this is a good omen, portending luck in matters of business.

If you dreamed of an almsman walking into your house, it is possible that you will get through lawsuit because of the property; and if he took something away, it is a very bad sign.

If you dream of a crowd of distressed and poor people asking for your help, this is a warning. Perhaps, you will witness a global catastrophe, and the events will not leave you indifferent.

If in a dream you are an almsman, it indicates that in reality you think only about material values. This dream warns against excessive pursuit of creature comforts. In one of the most ancient dream books it is stated that if a dreamer gives money to the poor, the dream promises death to him/her or someone from the family.

However, if you were involved in charity work, this is a good sign. In real life, you can always count on the help of others. A dreaming about your friends being poor is a harbinger of anxiety and loss of opportunities in the near future.

If you are an almsman in a dream, it tells that you do not completely demonstrate your talents and potential in reality. Perhaps you even underestimate own self-esteem.

In modern dream book, an almsman is interpreted as a lack of spiritual satisfaction and unstable position in society. The clue to the true meaning of this dream can be found in the understanding of relation with material goods. Some circumstances in life will surely improve; however, it is important that at this time a person finds out who he/she really is. It is worth to be careful when dealings with other people. The general interpretation of a dream about a poor man, almsman, or beggar is the attitude of a person towards money. This dream is an indication of opportunities in life that may still not appeared.

In the old dream books, if a dreamer helps the poor, it portends the end of suffering. If you give money to the poor at the train station, it bodes that you will receive a gift. Probably you will face a favorable financial period and will be rewarded for your actions.



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