Alien – Meaning of Dream


Alien, is the symbol of an extraterrestrial civilization, which in many cultures has long been associated with some unknown knowledge. This enigmatic image generates a lot of questions and attracts not only fiction writers. Moreover, this image can cause dual impression; therefore here we will try to analyze possible interpretations and meanings of such dreams.

For many people, the aliens are treated as a threat, something frightening and hostile. Others perceive them as holders of unique knowledge that it is useful to master. Why you dream about aliens? It depends on your attitude to such inexplicable phenomena.

If you happen to see an alien in your dream, it suggests that a big event will happen in your life ahead, which both will make you surprised and pleased. Maybe you will make some important discovery in your life. For entrepreneurs, this dream, promises profit.

If you speak with an alien in your dream, and aliens have a friendly mood, ready to communicate, in reality you will expand the circle of your friends and make useful social contacts. In real life, you might meet a new acquaintance, very capable to change lives. This dream speaks about the imminent acquisition of new knowledge.

Contact with an alien. If an alien takes you or invites to visit the ship, you should perceive this dream as a warning. The dream, in which aliens come into physical contact with the inhabitants of the earth, advises you to be careful. Some venture could cause serious life mistakes. This can lead to unpleasant quarrel with loved ones.

Fight with aliens. Aggressive aliens, is not a very good sign. This suggests that some power can thwart fulfillment of dreamer’s plans. Insidious foes can disturb some important deals in life. It is worth to be more careful if you know who your enemies are.

Alien, who burst into your dream, always indicates expanding of your horizons, circle of friends, and usually has a positive effect on lifestyle, meeting many people from other layers, which can brings quite significant experience and contribution to future relations.

But, despite a set of positive expectations, do not forget that a serious attitude and responsibility for own behavior, are the qualities that can help to achieve positive results. You must express own skills from the best prospective in communication with others, demonstrating positive character traits. Active position and good mood, that’s your allies in achieving positive result in communication.

To dream of aliens, means meeting with unusual, significantly different from the usual, circle of people.



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