Alibi – Meaning of Dream


To see the dream where you prove your alibi is a good sign, you will be very lucky soon. On the other hand your wife will be jealous because of your carryings on, and you will start arguing a lot. Try to behave normally and prove your love to her.

If you don’t have an alibi in a dream – beware, somebody might attack you. It is also a sign that you can’t find justification to own actions. You even regret about it, but don’t know what inspired you to act in such a way.

To prove plausibility of your alibi means that you may have problems with the law in real life. Be ready for unexpected and unwanted guests.

If somebody proves his/her alibi, it means that your thoughtless actions will influence your work and partners will think to stop having deals with you. But this cooperation will be very important for you, and you shouldn’t lose this opportunity.

If somebody provides you with alibi, this dream means that you will have fights/quarrels with family.

If you have lied about your alibi and you were disclosed, it means that in real life you will not be able to pull the wool over someone’s eyes. It is not as easy as might seem at the first glance. But if you want to do this in the sake of good, first of all you need to learn more of a background in order to act precisely.


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