Album – Meaning of Dream


To see an album in a dream is a good sign, meaning that you can be the winner in difficult situation. Also you will find new useful society.

For a young lady, to look through own album means that soon a new admirer will appear in her life. And this man will really make her happy.

While looking through an album you are happy to observe your pictures, this dream means that relationships which important for you will really have good prospects. It is possible that it will end up in wedding palace. But if in a dream you are upset while looking at your pictures, it means that your relationship will not be that successful. Try to understand your partner, if only you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her. It is possible that some enviers will appear in your life that will start intrigues and will try to do everything for you to break up. Don’t’ give up because this love can truly make you happy.

To see yourself writing something in the album means that in difficult times your fellowmen will be happy to help you.

In a dream you see an album with stamps and drawings – it means that pleasant time with your friends is guaranteed.

If you see photos in black and white (not colorful) – due to this dream interpreter, you will think of some of your old relatives.

To find a picture of your beloved one in the album means that this person is not sincere with you. Therefore beware of betrayal.

To observe somebody’s wedding pictures in the album means that you will fall in love with a married person.

To buy an album in a dream is a sign of big luck in future.

If you sell or lose an album in a dream, you will be very disappointed.



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