Age – Meaning of Dream


Dreams, in any way connected with age, portend troubles.

If in a dream you think about your age, it means that your stubbornness will cause complaints in surroundings.

In a dream a woman sees herself getting old – in real life she should take care of her health. If she sees her lover growing old, it means that she risks losing him.

If you see yourself younger than it is in reality, it means that memories from the past will emerge in your memory.

If you see yourself as a child, it means that your guilt gnaws you because of some recently performed actions.

To see you own real age means that you are too principled and uncompromising, thus your relatives suffer from it.

Age(human or subject) in a dream has relatively straightforward meaning.

Being old in a dream means getting life experience, authority, wisdom, knowledge (mostly for men); or disease, wilting, trouble, bad affairs development (also for men, but more for women).

Being young indicates lightheadedness, stupidity or happiness, healing, health, and good luck.

Age(state) of material objects: old, decrepit things or objects in a dream may be perceived as obsolete, unnecessary. Accordingly, in the interpretation of dreams, negative meaning of objects is amplified. And at the same time, old, antiquity may give them additional value, charm, uniqueness.

And the old familiar objects and things are interpreted in a more positive way than new ones, because they are already familiar and reliable in use.


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