Adam – Meaning of Dream


To see Adam in your dream means that you will be worried because of unexpected development of circumstances. You need to fight for your point of view and make correct choice. Now the situation depends only on you.

A dream with Adam in the Heaven means that you will meet influential people, which will be very useful for you. Perhaps your business will grow, or you will be able to give your children a proper education.

To see a snake next to Adam is a sign that you will have temporary romantic relations. Do not expect it to last long, even if you feel great affection towards your new lover. Anyways soon you will break up, and you will not feel anything anymore.

To be Adam by yourself in the dream means that everything will be good, but your enemies will not miss the opportunity to spoil your life. You will be able to repulse their attacks, because recently you’ve learned to be a leader.

If you see Adam with Eve in your dream, it means that you will face some unpleasant events.

If you talk to naked Adam in your dream this warns you of death. Do not take it too seriously; perhaps this event will pass you by if you pay more attention to your health.

To see dead Adam is a bad sign. Some of your relatives will die. Be ready for sad news from afar.



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