Activity – Meaning of Dream


Activist in the dream symbolizes your power to fulfill all plans, everything will be successfully managed.

In the dream you feel insurmountable need to stand up and act – the dream means that you are ready for action in your real life. Sometimes there are such situations when we understand that we need to separate from the crowd and start to express our own thoughts and desires.

A dream, activity in which is expressed towards a person, means the desire to achieve affection from him/her in real life.

By itself, the term “activity” in dream books is difficult to interpret. It should be interpreted in conjunction with the image/object causing these actions. For example, according to Dream book of Vanga, tiger – is a symbol of activity, struggle, success, but also excessive aggressiveness and stubbornness. Thus, if you see a tiger, or feel yourself as a tiger – it is a manifestation of stubbornness in the given circumstances. To be friends with a tiger – is a sign of achievements in real life.

If you are active at a party, dancing and having fun – it means your social activity and commitment in the real world. To run barefoot in the dream – means that now is the period of poverty in your life.

Also activity is associated with the concepts of observation or participation. Waltz with a partner in a dream means a proposal of marriage. To steal together with someone means loss and tears. A good sign if you are caught while stealing in the dream. This dream means a happy period of life.

To dream of activity exhibited in the room: cleaning, for example, sweeping – it means the upcoming period of wellbeing.


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