Acoustician – Meaning of Dream


In the dream you see yourself in the submarine, and find out that the acoustician is dead – it means that you miss your fellow men. Some events had caused your separation and after that you didn’t see each other for a long time. Now you feel very bad about it and try to change the situation that is why you see such dreams.

If you prepare yourself for acoustic exam, this is a sign that you are worried a lot because of future exams of your children. If you don’t have children, the dream means that you can’t get used for new competitors and worry all the time if you see them around. Your life depends on your work, and your work depends on how fast you are able to get rid of competitors.

In the dream you are looking for a professional acoustician in your surroundings, it is a sign that soon you will be interested in acoustic equipment. Maybe you want to have it at home or at work, anyways it will bring you a lot of troubles at the beginning and joy in the end.

You’ve been invited for a work as an acoustician – soon some offer will bring new changes into your life. You need to use this chance and don’t lose the opportunity. If you deny all offers in anticipation of a better one, you might lose a lot of time, and after all nobody will ever propose you anything again. On the contrary, you need to accept everything, experience it and then choose the best option.


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