Acid – Meaning of Dream


A dream in which you drink beverages and eat foods of very sour taste can bode excitement, restlessness, and anxiety in real life. Unpleasant events will continuously poison your existence.

If you dreamed of poisonous plants acid, it portends significant problems, infidelity, and betrayal. If you happen to observe the process of material corrosion by acid formed by chemical reagents, it tells that in real life you will face the danger of financial losses and failures in business.

A dream, in which acid causes pain to your body, indicates cohesive actions of your enemies, who spread false rumors.

If you were drinking acid in a dream, in reality you will encounter sad and dreary event that will leave a lasting indelible mark in your soul. A dream in which you use acid as a cleaning substance symbolizes getting rid of the sadness.

The container of acid which you hold in the hands foretells risky useless obligations. If you observe bubbles in acid, they indicate a treacherous act of a close person. Due to these acts, your business will be in the crosshairs of the detractors. Your insight and prudence will help to reveal the insidious plan to avoid unpleasant consequences.

For a young woman, to dream of very sour wine in a dream, means to get trapped with machinations of evil people.

In Miller’s interpretation, if you dream of excessive acid taste, when you drink or eat anything, you might face obvious disappointment that can lead to many unpleasant consequences. Sour-tasting liquid drunk by a woman, portends serious problems and intrigues that may lead to diseases. Dangerous poisonous acid indicates the imminent revelation of infidelity.


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